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New technology- Electric charging tower now ‘pops-up’ from the street lane

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urban|electric introducing Urban Electric ‘pop-up’ charging hubs!

UEone EV charing point

Whenever we talk about the market growth of electric car or it’s acceptance among the people then one major hurdle pops-out in everyone’s mind- lack of the EVs charging infrastructures. Yes, this is true and this problem still common for all the nations either it be European countries or developing countries from the Asia pacific. One road blocker is to develop the charging infrastructures near the residential area or on the congested streets where people park their car over night.

Image credit: Bloomberg NEF (Electric Vehicle Outlook)
Above graph shows the history of the public charging outlets globally. A survey report says that there is an unsolved barrier to electric vehicle adoption: 87% of EV charging in the UK is done off-street at home (garages and drives). This is convenient and allows to start the day with a full charge. However, 43% of UK households do not have off-street parking, acting as a major barrier to EV adoption today. This issue will common for all the countries in future. 
Specially in India where maximum cars are parked on street for whole night so if charging facility not provided at those street then switching to EV from petrol or diesel will be difficult.

How urban|electric addressed this problem:

Urban Electric Networks Ltd. has introduced ‘pop-up’ charging hubs. This is a completely new type of electric vehicle charging architecture that preserves the urban streets cape. Charge conveniently overnight in the street where you live for a full charge in the morning.
– It’s don’t engage the space if not in use. 
– When required it pops-out form the ground and charge the EV.
– It’s hardly noticeable because it makes level with the street.
– It is operated by mobile application. 
– This charging station is named as UEone.

About the Urban Electric:

URBAN Electric Networks Ltd. is a British electric vehicle (EV) charging company founded by Olivier Freeling- Wilkinson and Keith Johnston, with a mission to build the world’s largest urban EV charging network.

Technology Origin:

This power supply pop-out device technology is in use from last couple of years back. It was basically used at conference table, study table or in kitchen rack. These power supply units are either spring loaded or motorized. Just with the one finger touch, a small charging socket tower comes out from the table or rack surface. For manufacturing and supply of these devices are facilitated by many brands now. One of them is M P Solutions .
 So, I believe that pop-up EV charging station would be the next thought of this existing technology. And there is no doubt in its success in future.

How it works:

It is just like a EV charging tower of any charging station. This unit will be installed at street side. With the help of a mobile application it can be operated. Just one touch on the mobile screen and whole charging tower will pop-out. Just use the regular charger and connect the EV with this charging station. For the safety and security purpose the charging cable will be locked at both side during the charging time.
It is 7kW charging station.
For your knowledge

The time it takes to charge an electric car can be as little as 20 minutes or more than 12 to 14 hours. This depends on the battery size, it’s age and the speed of the charging point.
 ” A typical electric car (60kWh battery) takes just under 8 hours to charge from empty-to-full with a 7kW charging point.

Future Scope:

We can relate the situation of EVs with our other electronic gadgets which we use on regular basis. We get the charging socket almost at every place but at the end maximum people choose to charge them at home in night. So that they can start a new day with a fully charged gadget. Same thing apply to electric cars also. There are shortage of charging station outside and we don’t see any latest technology coming to install the vehicle charging station in parking or at street where space is a concern then this technology UEone from Urban Electric comes into picture. This technology is not being installed in the street of London. Officials explain this technology to the locals and getting really good feedback on ground.

My Words:

This technology will turn the mind of those people who just canceled their EVs ownership due to the lack of charging point at home or at street. On the basis of ground feedback received at London, it is expected this technology will help to grow the electric vehicle market in future.