Dana Acquires Canada Based Electric Power-train Technology Leader ‘Nordresa’

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Dana Acquires ‘Nordresa’

Image Credit: Dana Incorporated

Headquarter: Maumee, Ohio, USA
Country presence: 33 Countries
Foundation year: 1904
Total employee: 35000
Sales volume: $8.1 billion (Yr 2018)

Dana is the one of the reliable and main supplier for all the commercial vehicle manufacturer in India. Mahindra, Tata, Ashok Layland and all other commercial vehicle OEM purchase Spicer driveshaft, tendem axle, drive axle, steer axle and many more products related to the driveline.
In second quarter of financial year 2019 Dana Incorporated announces financial results-
Sales of $2.3 billion.
Dana maintains dynamic and high performance work culture in the organization and on that basis company has been recognized globally as a top employer, with significant honors in India also.

Nordresa is having expertise into electrifying the vehicles. It develops, manufactures and commercialize electric drive-trains for commercial vehicles. Company has developed two different range of electrification system and those are ready: W Series- a walk-in van based on Ford’s E-450 chassis and the T Series is a cab forward trucks.

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Dana ($DAN) acquires Nordresa, a commercial-vehicle electrification integrator, giving the company full system capabilities for battery management and powertrain controls.

— Dana Incorporated (@DanaInc_) August 26, 2019

After acquisition of Nordresa, Dana is now ready into electric vehicle market with complete battery management system, power-train controls and integration system for electric vehicles.

Dana has also the partnership with Hydro-Québec, Canada’s largest electricity producer and world’s largest hydroelectric power producers. And both together have developed the high speed electric powertrain, direct-drive electric powertrain, traction/auxiliary inverter, vehicle management unit and bi-directional charger inverter under the brand name DanaTM4.

TM4 is now Dana TM4.
With a range of electrified products going from low- to high-voltage, Dana TM4 is in a position to offer electric powertrain systems for all types of land vehicles.
Read the press release here:

— Dana TM4 (@TM4) August 5, 2019

Apart from this Dana has different brands which are pioneer in delivering different commonent and technology to commercial vehicle OEMs.

Now like other Tier I supplier or technology provider companies, Dana is also in race to capture the market share in EV market. Bosch, American Axles, magneti marelli and many other technology giant have already developed the electric vehicle supporting technology. The interesting thing is that all these company has eyes on India as they are already involved into the supply of different ICE vehicle in India just they need to make the new alignment with their existing customer who are started making electric vehicle in India…

My Words:

Technology sharing has always been a culture in automobile market. Generally companies do the partnership for this. Like at OEM level we have seen Mahindra had collaborated with 2007, Maruti Suzuki collaboration and Renault Nissan collaboration are the best example for this. For supplier companies Motherson Sumi Systems can be the example for this. But many time to strengthen the market presence company take over other companies also which are having expertise in any specific field like – Mahindra took over the Pininferina. There are so many example for this. So, for Dana I think it was necessary to make its market present in EV sector because other competitor American Axle  has already invested so much and developed the electric drives.