Lithium Urban Technologies placed an order of 500 EVs to Tata Motor

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Tata Motors wins 500 EVs order from Lithium Urban

A big day for Tata Motors today. The company announced that- Order of 500 electric car is received from ‘Lithium Urban Technologies‘. Recently Tata Motors launched its extended version of Tata Tigor EV. It has ARAI certified range of 213 km on a single charge. Now under the order agreement between Tata Motors and Lithium Urban Technologies- Tata Motors will deliver 400 number of Tata Tigor EV by the end of this financial year. Addition to that Tata Motors will also deliver 100 numbers of Tata Nexon or other upcoming Tata electric cars (Tata Altroz) to the Lithium Urban.

Key News:
– Tata Motors received the order of 500 electric car today.
– Order is placed by the Banglore based EVs rental and corporate fleet management company ‘Lithium Urban Technologies
– Order details: 400 numbers of TATA Tigor EV and 100 numbers of TATA Nexon EV.
– By the end of this financial year, Tata Motors will deliver 400 EVs.

Importance of this Agreement

For TATA Motors:

On this matter- Shailesh Chandra (President – Electric Mobility Business & Corporate Strategy, Tata Motors) said, “This is not just the most significant milestone for Tata Motors’ E-Mobility Business, but also a big turning point in the EV market, which is now likely to see fleets electrify faster than ever before. We are delighted to enter this partnership with Lithium Urban Technologies, who are on their pragmatic journey of expanding their zero-emission transport service rapidly. We are committed to nurturing this valued partnership as we address the evolving mobility needs of our customers through various disruptive business models.”

For Lithium Urban Technologies:

Sanjay Krishnan, Founder, Lithium Urban Technologies said, “This partnership with Tata Motors will ensure availability of new form factors and enable the viability of new market segments across passenger, mass transit and freight. Lithium would move quickly to integrate the company’s paradigm-shifting LUTEC (LithiumUrbanTec) EV mobility utilisation software with the new vehicles.”

Lithium Urban Technologies

Started in 2015, Lithium Urban Technologies is India’s largest electric car fleet management company. Company has specialization in Electric vehicle Fleet Management, Telemetry and GIS, Corporate Transportation. Currently, it has more than 1000 electric cars running on the road. In-line with the government ambition to bring the EVs on the road the Lithium Urban Technologies is filling the gap of last-mile transportation and corporate fleet with the electric cars.

Lithium Urban Technologies Business

Company is moving so fast in this changing world without missing any chance to address the problems of corporate and individual. through its strategic business steps. Collaborating with the corporates and joining the hand with electric vehicle manufactures – Lithium Urban is now expanding its EVs network into all major cities of India. Above all the Lithium Urban also collaborated with MG Motors for its upcoming electric internet SUV in India. So, very soon MG ZS EV will be added in Lithium Urban EVs fleet.

Lithium Urban collaborates with Wipro

Urban Technologies
Wipro Technologies partnership wiht Lithium Urban for employee transport across India

The company started providing EV fleet service to Wipro Hyderabad in June 2018. Now company tied up with Wipro and had an agreement to deploy its EV fleet all across the Wipro offices across the country. Most importantly This will be done in a phased manner in coming 12 to 18 month.

Lithium Urban Technologies Partnerships with Nagarro

Nagarro and Lithium Urban Technologies
Nagarro (Gurgaon) joins the hand with Lithium Urban Technologies for Employee transport

Air pollution situation is severe in the Delhi NCR region. Small companies move or re-located from NCR region considering the health of their employees. Everyone trying to take some countermeasures to beat this situation. On other hand Nagarro (Gurgaon) deployed the electric cars for company employees transport and this contract is bagged by Lithium Urban only.

Lithium Urban joins the hand With DXC Technology

DXC technologies with Lithium Urban Technologies
Lithium Urban ties up with DXC Technology for Employee Transport

In September 2019 month, Lithium Urban Technologies also did agreement for the DXC technology’s employee transport. From official twitter, handle company shared this news earlier. Lithium Urban will deploy the Mahindra eVarito in the employee transport car fleet.

My Words

Tata won the big game definitely today and Urban Technologies will now be capable to expand it business more. As per the Urban technologies- it has Asia’s biggest EVs fleet network outside China and more than 1000 cars running on the road. It has services in Banglore, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Pune and Manipal. Urban technologies and other companies like – Blu-Smart are playing a key role today to bring the vison of EV transport into reality. Central and State governments are giving subsidy for the electric vehicle fleet business but I think lack of awareness is also a road blocker today. Maharashtra and Telangana have already announced EV tariff policy but there is a lot of confusion related to EV tariff implementation,”