Electric Scooter By Mahindra: GenZe

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Mahindra may launch its electric scooter genZe in India by 2020

Mahindra electric scooter
Mahindra genZe: Electric scooty and bicycle manufacturing facility in Michigan
Mahindra group was the first mover in electric car segment India with the mass production of Mahindra Reva but 2wheeler is the segment where the company could not earn the market volume. Even the petrol bike and scooty could not do much in India. That all was the past for the Mahindra group. Now Mahindra has bounce back with classic Jawa motorcycles.

Mahindra in Electric 2-wheeler segment:

Till now Mahindra has not launched any electric 2-wheeler in India but in US, its not the same story there. Mahindra is selling electric scooty and electric bicycles in US market since last couple of years.  During 73rd annual general meeting on 07th August 2019, Anand Mahindra said- “We are watching this space. We have some plans up our sleeve. We wil have a locally manufactured two-wheeler”. Probably the chairman was giving hint to produce the genZe in Mahindra 2-wheelers manufacturing facility, Pithampur- Indore (Madhya Pradesh, India).
Mahindra electric scooter
Mahindra GenZe 2.0

GenZe Specification:

Mahindra electric scooter
Disc Brake of GenZe

Max Speed: 48 kmph

Battery range: 48 kms in a full charge
2kWh detachable Li-ion battery
Hub motor is used in the rear wheel.
Power: 2PS
Torque: 100 Nm
Charing time: 3.5 hours
Brakes: Disc brakes at both the tyre and regenerative braking system
Weight of the GenZe: 105 Kg.
Price: approx $3699 (2.66 lakhs).

Special Features:

Mahindra electric scooter
Touch Screen
GenZe electric scooty is far away from the conventional petrol scooty and the electric car which are currently available in Indian market.
– 7 inch ‘Cruise-Connect-Touch Screen.
– No physical key to switch on the scooty. Just put the password and start going.
– Built In GPS
Mahindra electric scooter
GenZe 2.0f

– The GenZe 2.0f also has a large rear cargo box. – That space on the 2.0 version is open like a pickup-truck.

– Dual position seat.
Multiple Riding Mode:
a) Easy
b) Sporty
c) Eco
-Anti-theft features in mobile for GenZe :Geofencing, Theft alert, Location search.
In the parking lot, the GenZe fits in with the bicycles, and stands out at the same time.

Electric 2 wheeler market in India:

In India there are many startup companies are involved into electric 2-wheeler design, development and production. Some of them are still on the prototype state. Like-
-SVM Bikes by Srivaru Motors Pvt ltd.
Revolt Motors     are working to capture the electric 2 wheeler market in India.
Well, as of now only Ather Energy‘s scooter will be the direct competitor for Mahindra genZe.
The Chairman of Mahindra Group, Mr. Anand Mahindra also talked about the road blocker to launch that genZe in India. He said- The reason we have not launched the US scooter in India is because of its high price.

Future Prediction:

Mahindra group is the leader in the 3 wheeler and 4 wheeler market and if the electric segment is now growing in India then surely company will also try to capture the market by launching some electric scooter and bike. The genZe was seen 2 time in India during on-road testing. And testing in India for a US made product is necessary to prove that technology for Indian climate and road conditions. So, the rumor is that Mahindra will launch this electric scooter by 2020 in Indian market.

My Words:

Being a leader in Indian SUV segment, Mahindra has always put effort and did lot of investment in past to get the right position in 2-wheeler segment also. Earlier I visited Mahindra 2-wheeler, Indore (M.P) located manufacturing facility. That complete facility is acquired from the Kinetic company which earlier used to make bikes. By this action one can feel the aggressive nature of Mahindra group. Even though they could not do much better with their scooter Mahindra Duro and Rodeo. Later in 2016 Mahindra had acquired a brand license payment for classic Czech brand of yesteryear – Jawa. This means that unlike BSA and Peugeot Motorcycle, Mahindra hasn’t bought over the Jawa, but can now produce and sell Jawa two-wheeler models in India and its sub-continent. And by doing so now in 2019 Mahindra has again bounce back in Indian bike market with launch of Jawa 300, Jawa forty two and Jawa Perak.
In 2016 only, Mahindra group has started manufacturing GenZe in US. Now as per the current market scenario Mahindra can launch this electric scooter.