CES 2020, The world will witness advance upcoming Vehicle Technologies

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Mercedes, Honda and other top players are ready to showcase future tech at CES 2020

CES 2020
Consumer Electronics Show 2020 (CES)

Starting from 07th January, CES 2020 will feature global debuts of technologies at concept stage that integrate connected, autonomous, shared and electric (CASE) technologies.

Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

CES is an international platform for all types of tech companies to showcase the future technology to the world in the presence of top tech leaders, decision makers, governments and the media. In other words, it’s a gathering of complete tech eco-system where all different level of industry people come together to understand and grow their business with a clear future vision. CES is organized every year by the ‘Consumer Technology Association‘.

Highlights CES 2020

CES 2020 will be the place where the people, policy and insite of innovation will be on a single platform. As per CES official information- “more than 4,500 exhibitors will launch nearly 20,000 new transformative tech products to more than 170,000 attendees, encompassing 5G connectivity, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, smart cities and resilience, sports, robotics and more. CES 2020 will feature new and expanded exhibit areas, 300 conference sessions with 1,100 speakers, and more than 1,200 startups from 45+ countries“.

CES 2020 important dates

Official exhibits: Jan. 7-10, 2020
Conference programming: Jan. 6-10, 2020
News conference (media only): Jan. 5-8, 2020
Thousands of media people already reached to the Las Vegas to cover all the updates. Media activity will start prior to the official exhibitions. In addition, the companies will do the media addressing for important announcement starting on 05th and 06th January. The final opening of the CES 2020 will be on 07th January.

Automotive Industry at CES 2020

Apart from all the future technology of consumer entertainment goods like 8K curved TVs, Camera, iPod and other things automobile industry will also unveil some magical technology. Which has the power to transform the future transport industry in the world.

Important keynote talk

Industry’s key people will deliver the keynote at different topics to and those are from Samsung, Daimler, CTA, Delta, Quibi, U.S Department of transportation and many others. Related to the autonomous – electric – shared and connected transport here I have listed just two which is very important.

Daimler Keynote Address – Monday, Jan. 6 at 8:30 PM

Ola Källenius – Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars. It is expected that Ola Källenius will present a groundbreaking concept car which is inspired by one of the most innovative entertainment brands. In other words, this concept car will show a completely new form of interaction between humans, technology and nature.

The Path to the Future of Work – Tuesday, Jan. 7 at 2 PM

Ivanka Trump, Advisor to the President, and Gary Shapiro, President and CEO, Consumer Technology Association will take part in the discussions over the employment of the workforce in the tech industry. Specially for the automotive sector the world is witnessing the job cut at a mass level and future also not look very convincing. So, it becomes necessary to have a clear dialog among the administration and the industry to have a clear vision for moving towards electrified, shared and connected transport.

Important conferences related to transport industry-

Similar to the keynotes, there are many planned conferences going to be there. In addition, the featured Speakers list of CES 2020 includes the name like-
Cristiano Amon (President- Qualcomm Incorporated), Colin Angle (Chairman, CEO, Founder- iRobot), Ed Bastian (CEO- Delta), Dan Brouillette (U.S Secetary of Energy- Department of Energy), Ola Källenius (Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, Head of Mercedes AG), Hyun-Suk Kim (President and ECO of Consumer Electronics Division- Samsung) and many more. But the below listed some of the important conferences which are must attend to know the future of electric transportation system-

Electrification and Autonomous:

Electrification and electric car are buzzing all over the world. Interestingly the people are now talking about clean and green transport. So, the countries’ governments are in action now for the faster adoption of electric cars. Above all, the necessary infrastructure building is in progress and at the stage of CSS 2020, this will be a one of the major points of discussion. The key participant in this conference are
Matt Jones (Vice President of Systems & Automotive/Wind River),
Shannon Baker-Branstetter (Manager, Cars & Energy Policy/Consumer Reports),
Ted Cannis (Global Director, Electriciation/Ford Motor Company),
Carl Esposito (Senior Vice President and President, E-Systems/Lear),
Chris Moyer (VP & CTO/Exelon) and
Maya Pindeus (CEO/Humanising Autonomy).

Connected services:

The transport system is getting complex day by day. In this situation it becomes very necessary to bring synchronization among all the vehicles on the road. Interestingly, this can be done by allowing all the vehicle to talk with each other same time. In conclusion, the internet will play a major role here. This technology will minimize the road accidents and also enhance the driving experience through the connected car technology. The key participants in this conference topic are-
John Ellis (Founder & Managing Director/Ellis and Associates),
Bryan Biniak (CEO/Connected Travel),
Parrish Hanna (CEO & Founder/Movotiv),
Matthias Möehlig (Group Head of the MyJourney Business Line/BMW),
Suzanne Murtha (Vice President, Connected and Automated Technologies/AECOM) and
Gil Reiter (VP of Product Management and Marketing/SafeRide Technologies).

Autonomous Public Transportation:

Autonomus shuttle and self flying taxies are going to be the important part of public and individual transport in future. Above all, there is a higher change for these technologies to go main stream in the future. Therefore, the experts from same industry will have a discussion over this and the key participants are-
Ryan Kelly (Head of Marketing and Communications/Virgin Hyperloop One),
Alisyn Malek (COO/May Mobility),
Joann Muller (Transportation Correspondent/Axios) and
Michael Thacker (Executive VP, Technology and Innovation/Bell Helicopter)

Partnerships Drive Innovation for Autonomous Vehicles:

The challenge to adopt in vehicle technology is the huge investment. The major one is design, development, testing and manufacturing of any new vehicle technology. However, every one is not ready to bet on that high risk with this much of high investment. So, the industry is looking at each other to collaborate so that they could successfully develop the new technology at shared investment and by minimizing the risk. In this conference leader will have discussion to develop the autonomous vehicle. Key participants are-
Nishant Batra (CTO/Veoneer),
John Bozzella (President and CEO/Global Automakers),
Laura Major (Chief Technology Officer/Aptiv Autonomous Mobility).

IoT and AI Revolutionizing Transportation:

The coming decades will be of electric, autonomous and connected transport. So, the ‘Internet of things’ and ‘artificial intelligence’ will play a major role to transform the vehicle driving experience. In addition, the device connectivity, electric Powertrain, shared mobility and connected vehicle technology will be the main agenda for this conference. Key participants are-
João Barros (CEO & Founder/Veniam),
Alexander Hitzinger (CEO, Volkswagen Autonomy and Board Member at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Volkswagen),
John Roese (President and CTO of Products and Operations/Dell Technologies) and
Jessica Uguccioni (Lawyer/Law Commission).

CES 2020 Registration

Any one 18 year and above can register for CES 2020 though the official website of CES or by clicking on the button below-

There are some conditions for the visitors. CES 2020 is a trade only event so only people of age 18 years or older are allowed. Every visitor must register on the official website of CES and must submit the business credentials in advance so that the CES organizing team could verify the same.

To register as a visitor there are two different categories mentioned-
Industry Attendee Registration
Media Registration
All the information related to the acceptable proof of industry affiliation and the required media credentials are mentioned on the official website.

CES 2020 registration and Conference Pass charges

CES is the world’s largest technology event in which more than 4.5K+ tech companies from all over the world will showcase their technology in 4 days schedule. It’s a gathering of complete eco-system where the industry will showcase upcoming future technology.

More than 1000 industry’s key people will take participate in different conferences to present their ideas or opinion. So, to be the part of this international event there are 3 different kinds of registration charges and conference pass charges have been kept. Below complete detail sheet is given to easily understand all three registration categories-

CES 2020

My Words

The technology in every industry is changing rapidly and engineers also have a very long term vision for the innovation. Additionally, the same time the CES 2020 provides a good platform for all the industry players and tech startups to show their ideas in a very suitable eco-system. All the new announcements will be in media very soon and same will be updated to our readers in the coming days.