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TATA Motors & TATA Power joins hand for 300 new fast charging stations

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300 New charging stations for electric vehicle : TATA Motors and TATA Power joins hand for target 2020.

 Tata Motors today announce the target of setting up 300 new fast charging stations across these major cities – Mumbai , Pune , Delhi , Bengaluru and Hydrabad.

Last year in 2018 Tata Power signed a memorandum of understanding with the government of Maharashtra to set up 100 charging stations for electric vehicles in the state. By that time Tata Power had already installed 15 charing stations in maharastra. Which was the combination of slow and fast charging stations. 

 Now after this joint activity Tata Motors and Tata Power will rapidly increase the charging stations in above mentioned cities and will achieve this target of 300 new fast charging stations

Currently, the company has about 85 charging points set up in multiple cities across India, out of which 42 charging station are in Mumbai, and rest in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Delhi. The company says that the new charging stations will be installed in strategic locations frequented by potential EV owners.

The new fast chargers will be provided and operated by Tata Power and the first 50 chargers will adhere to Bharat Standard of 15 kW units.


There are alot of scope in the charging station business. This market has just started growing. But still we have to go a very long way to fulfill the requirement of future demand. Tata Power is also very active in this business in NCR area. And planning to do some more investment in fast charging stations in Delhi region.