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Auto Expo 2020- Complete coverage of electric cars in a single article

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Complete details of all electric cars showcased at Auto Expo 2020 India

Auto Expo is a big platform for all the auto manufacturers to showcase their ability to shape the future transportation in India. National as well as international both the players don’t miss this chance once in every two year.

The History of Auto Expo in India

The Association of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (currently, Society of Indian Automobile ManufacturersSIAM), and the Auto Component Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA) are the two associations which collaboratively in association with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) organized the first Auto Expo from 3rd to 12th January 1986 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi (India). It was the new initiative on the occasion of then completion of 25 years of SIAM and ACMA (both organizations). Since then the Auto Expo, now the Asia’s biggest automobile exhibition takes place every two years.

Auto Expo 2020, Dates and Venue

Auto Expo- The Motor Show 2020
Dates: Sun 09 Feb – Wed 12 Feb
Location: India Exposition Mart Limited
Plot No. 25,27,28,29. Knowledge Park.
Greater Noida, India.
Auto Expo Ticket Price: Week Days: Rs.350/-, Weekends: Rs.475/-

Electric Cars at Auto Expo 2020

This year the auto expo became more special and something different. All the companies are passing through a transition phase of BSIV to BSVI as well as from vehicle operating from diesel or petrol to electric powered. Where many of the auto manufacturers have dropped the idea to manufacturer diesel powered car and only relying on petrol to meet with the pollution norms. But at the same time some of the OEMs are aggressive towards EVs.

But, here we will talk about the only electric cars which were showcased at Auto Expo 2020. So, if you missed this year’s Auto Expo or want to know about all the electric cars, then in my opinion you are at the right place. Further, here in this single article you will get complete details of all the interesting electric cars (concept and ready for production) from the 15th Auto Expo 2020.


MG Motor is a UK based automobile company which was founded in the UK in 1924. The MG refers to the “Morris Garages”. From the start, the MG Motor has built sports cars, roadsters, cabriolet series cars and the eco-friendly electric cars. It has its manufacturing facility at Halol in Gujarat. The company has planned to invest Rs. 5000 Cr by the 2021 to expand its capabilities in India.

The brand showcased a lot of cars at Auto Expo 2020 along with presenting its heritage British theme. Well, here let’s have a look what MG has showcased for green public and personal transports. Here are the complete details-

  • MG E200 – a micro two seater electric vehicle
  • MARVEL X – An electric connected as level-3 autonomous SUV
  • eMG6 – Plugin hybrid
  • Vision-I concept – electric autonomous concept car

MG E200

MG E200 at Auto Expo 2020

This EV looks adorable and it’s contrast color as well as the unique interior color scheme makes it so special. E200 comes with the digital instrument display and a two-spoke steering wheel. Apart from being a fully electric car it also have connected to car technology. MG E200 is a micro electric vehicle currently available in Chinese market with Baojun brand badge. It is said that the E200 is the successor of the Baojuin E100.

E200 Specifications

Dimensions: 2497mm X 1526mm X 1616mm (LxWxH)
Turning radius: 3.8meters
Battery: 24kWh
Motor power: 29kW
Torque: 110Nm
Top Speed: 100kmph
Range: 250km (according to the NEDC (New European Driving Cycle)

MG E200 will be coming in India after some time and I believe it will attract many buyers due to its performance, look and due to its compact size. The MG-badged Baojun E200 launched in China in the year 2019 at price RMB 54,800 to 64,800. So, the expected price of MG E200 in India will be in between Rs. 5.5L to 6.5L.

Auto Expo 2020
MG E200 at Auto Expo 2020
Watch the walk-around video of E200 at Auto Expo 2020 (Video Source: Manorama Online)


MG Motor claims that Marvel X electric SUV is the world’s first mass-production car which has the level-3 autonomous driving function along with the integrated internet connectivity, electric powertrain and autonomous capabilities.

It is a 5 electric autonomous all wheel drive SUV. It has a massive panoramic roof. Talking about the interior then you will find many similarities with the Mercedes S-class. Fit and finish is actually top notch and in the center of the dashboard you get a full touch 9.6 inch huge display to operate many of the function from there.

Marvel X specifications

This car comes in two variants- AWD and RWD. The AWD version has 3 Motors configuration and the RWD version is powered by 2 Motors configuration.
Battery: 52.5kWh
Max Power: AWD version- 302HP and RWD version- 186HP
Torque: AWD version- 665Nm and RWD version- 410HP
Range: AWD version- 370km (NEDC) and RWD version- 403km (NEDC)
Top speed: 170kmph
Acceleration (0 to 100kmph): 4.8s

The Marvel X is already in Chinese market with the brand name Roewe but there is no surprise with this because the Roewe and the MG both shared the same parent brand “SIAC“.

Marvel X at Auto Expo 2020

eMG6 Hybrid

Auto Expo 2020
eMG6 at Auto Expo 2020

MG eMG6 plug-in hybrid which is powered by an electric motor combined with a 1.5 ltr. petrol engine. It has 51km of pure electric drive range. This is specious and well designed vehicle suitable for a small family or for official use.

eMG6 specifications

Total combined range: 705 km
Electric motor: 9.1kW
IC engine: 1.5L petrol
Max power: 300HP
Torque: 380NM
Other features: 360degree camera, digital center, cruise control, automatic transmission, Auto park assists, slick dashboard with front and rear separate AC vents.

In future if this car comes in India then the expected price of this would be in between 16 lakh to 22lakhs. But the company has not released any official statement about its debut into Indian market yet.

eMG6 at Auto Expo 2020

Auto Expo 2020
eMG6 at Auto Expo 2020

Vision-I concept

Auto Expo 2020
MG Motors Vision i Concept

Future cars will not be much different than our living space. Sharing the same eco-system of living room the MG Motors has tried to make this Vision-i Concept car as same as our living room.

This concept car has embedded 5G smart connectivity that enables hands-free driving mode with its autonomous driving features. The cabin can completely turn into a living room with swivel seats and a receding steering wheel.

Vision-i Concept at Auto Expo 2020


Mahindra & Mahindra is one of the leading Indian car manufacturer lined up many electric vehicles as well as the EV at Auto Expo 2020. Under the brand name Mahindra Electric, the company manufactures all the electric cars in India.

Mahindra has invested nearly Rs. 1700 Cr on the development of electric vehicles which includes- EVs technology, infrastructures and products. The company is so positive with their future plan and right now Rs 500 crores are getting invested into the setup of a new R&D center at Bengaluru and a new capacity at Pune.

Here are the all EVs showcased or launched at Auto Expo 2020-

  1. Funster – a roadster concept with a playful convertible mode, an object of desire.
  2. ATOM – a new age electric urban mobility solution for Smart India’s last mile connectivity needs.
  3. e-KUV100 & e-XUV300 – the eagerly awaited electric vehicles for shared mobility & the personal commute, respectively.
  4. MESMA 350 – Mahindra Electric Scalable Modular Architecture to power Mahindra’s upcoming EVs.

Mahindra FUNSTR

The “Funster”, an electric roadster connected convertible concept car from Mahindra. Funster is designed only in India, specifically in the Mahindra design studio at Mumbai. Power output: 230 kW, Top Speed: 200 kmph and acceleration: 0 to 100 in just 05 seconds

FUNSTER at Auto Expo 2020

Mahindra ATOM

If you visited the Auto Expo 2018 then you would have seen the concept version of the Mahindra Atom. Now, this year, Mahindra came up with the production ready version of the ATOM.

The ATOM is uniquely designed compact but stylish electric (four-wheeled). The ‘Atom’ is a 3 (1+2) EV. It is specially designed for the first and last mile eco-friendly transportation.

It shows a good option in the emerging fist and last mile commute. ATOM is powered by latest electric drive system form Mahindra. Well, the company has not given further details about its technical specification, but yes, this vehicle will be built with the monocoque body structure to deliver the optimal passenger comfort and safety.

Seating capacity: 03
Battery: Li-ion (battery) expected
Air-condition, Fully electric with different drive mode options available.
Probably, the Mahindra will launch the ATOM in Indian market in late 2020 for the commercial use.

ATOM at Auto Expo 2020


The company launched the electric version of its KUV100 in Auto Expo 2020. Name as eKUV100 is a four seater compact hatchback. Mahindra claims it as the most affordable passenger electric vehicle in India.

eKUV100 Specifications

Range: 147km
Power: 53.26bhp
Torque: 120Nm
Battery Capacity: 15.9kWh
Charging Time: 80% in 1 hour (with DC fast charger)
Driving Mode: Sport, Eco
Seating Capacity: 05 person
Other features– Power steering, ABS, Central locking system, Cruise control, Android Auto Support, Apple CarPlay support
Keyless entry, Climate control, Push button start/stop,

eKUV100 Price: Rs. 8.25 lacs (ex-showroom Delhi, post FAME benefit, for the entry level variant),

eXUV100 at Auto Expo 2020


By utilizing the maximum body panels from exiting car model to convert completely into an EV is a way to minimize the development cost of electric vehicle. Addition to that, customer also gets their trusted car in electric option which help them to relay on the product. Mahindra is doing the same and planning to launch its XUV300 5 star safety rated SUV into fully electric variant.

The new EV architecture of Mahindra MESME-350 is used to build the new eXUV300.

Price of eXUV300: The expected price is Rs 10 lakh after subsidies under FAME-II.
The eXUV300 will probably arrive in the market in the late 2021.

eXUV300 at Auto Expo 2020


The new Mahindra Treo three wheeler features more than 20 new and improved EV components made in-house by Mahindra Electric. It also features an additional range extender that will increase the Treo’s range by 60-70 kms, along with a concept solar roof that further increase the range by 26 kms.

The company has announced the Treo availability for the Delhi market in June 2019 only. But the Treo showcased at the Auto Expo was having many new upgraded EV components.

Mahindra is building complete vehicle and powertrain in-house only. Only the battery cells are getting imported.

Treo at Auto Expo 2020


Mahindra showcased many technology like charing technoloy, battery swapping and solar powered EV during the Auto Expo 2020. One of the interesting thing that attracted many of the visitors was the MESMA-350.

The Mahindra Electric Scalable and Modular Architecture 350 (MESMA 350) which is a 350 volt powertrain that has been built from the ground up by Mahindra Electric here in India. MESMA 350 supports motor sizes ranging from 60 kW to 280 kW, dual motor concepts and battery sizes up to 80 kWh. With this new platform, Mahindra Electric is gearing up for the greater adoption of EVs that will help bring economies of scale, driving costs down and enable smaller variants/ models to be made successfully in India.

Auto Expo 2020
MESMA Electric Architecture Platform


Renault is in Indian market since 2007 and doing its all operation under it’s subsidiary name Renault Nissan Automotive Pvt. Ltd. At present Renault has more than 370 sales and 450 service touch points. It is 1ST European brand and the 7th largest automotive brand in the India.

Talking about it’s global footprint and electric vehicle then company has already well estiblesed in international EV market with some of it’s most popular EV models like- Renault Zoe, Twizy, Kangoo Z.E 33 and Master Z.E.

As a pioneer in Europe for EV, Groupe Renault is building on 10 years of expertise in the design, production, sales and after-sales servicing of electric vehicles. None of them are now in the Indian market, but Indian witness some of the below listed EVs at Auto Expo 2020-

  • Twizy– micro electric car
  • K-ZE– an electrified version of the Renault Kwid
  • ZOE– fully electric small but powerful car
  • SYMBIOZ– a future concept car
    Let’s get more details about each of above mentioned electric cars-

Renault Twizy

Renault Twizy, the ultra-mobile electric two-seater vehicle is uniquely designed and incorporated with latest technology. In some countries its cargo variant with one single seat is also available. At Auto Expo 2020, Renault showcased it cargo version.

The Twizy is best suited for the personal transport, which enables to carry some of the small luggages while travelling. Its compact size makes it a better choice for the city commute also.

Twizy specifications

Electric Motor power: 17HP
Max. torque: 57Nm
Battery: 6.1kWh
Range: 100km

Twizy at Auto Expo 2020

Renault K-ZE

The K-ZE is based on the same CMF-A platform as the India’s Renault Kwid but this is only manufactured and sold in China only. In China this car is in demand since its launch in 2019 because of its low price.
In actual the K-ZE is the electric version of the KWID with same exterior and interior (with minor change specific to EV).

K-ZE Specifications

Motor: 33kW
Torque: 120Nm
Battery range: 240km
Similar to the regular KWID the K-ZE also offer the 8-inch touch screen infotainment system, 4G internet with the navigation and voice control system. The K-ZE can be charged by using the 220V domestic charging point and also capable to get charged upto 80% in just 50 minutes with fast charger. Slow charger takes around 04 hours to fully charge.

Auto Expo 2020
Renault K-ZE at Auto Expo 2020

Renault Zoe

The ZOE is a fully electric small car which is very much popular in UK due to its modern-looking and smart interior, an impressive range and a great driving experience. There are four different variants of ZOE available in the international market- PLAY, ICONIC, GT Line.

Battery Range: With a 52 kWh capacity, the battery in New ZOE allows you to drive up to 245 miles

Home Wallbox (7kW): 0-100% charge in 9hour 25 minutes.
Public Charger (22kW): 75 miles of driving range in 1hour.
DC rapid charger (50 kW): up to 90 miles of driving range in 30 minutes.

Warranty: 8 year/ 100,000 mile battery warranty.

ZOE at Auto Expo 2020


RENAULT SYMBIOZ – an autonomous electric and connected car showcased at AutoExpo2020 Delhi, India.
The company says- With SYMBIOZ Concept, your car is no longer separated from your living space. It has been designed as a genuine extension to your home. Shapes, colors, materials, features. Everything is designed so that you feel like you never leave your lounge while you are travelling.

The company has plans to bring this car on the road by 2030. So, its long time now, but you can look at this amazing car displayed at the Auto Expo 2020.

Symbioz at Auto Expo 2020

Maruti Suzuki

The Maruti Suzuki, India’s largest seller of cars also participated in the Auto Expo 2020. But there was only one interesting EV on the showcase- Maruti Suzuki Futuro-e concept car.

The Futuro-e interior is so futuristic, advance and very attractive. It is the part of the company’s “Mission Green” initiative. The production version of the Futuroe might vary. The sad part is the MSIL is still promoting its micro hybrid cars as the green car (which is not) and running advertisement to sell one million of micro hybrid cars in coming years.

Futuro-e at Auto Expo

Great Wall Motors

The ‘Great Wall Motors’ is the largest SUV selling car brand in China. Since last few months the company was doing all the legal formalities to expand its business in India. At the Auto Expo 2020, finally the company has announced its debut into Indian market officially. GWM recently took over the GM’s manufacturing plant in Pune (India) and will use that manufacturing facility to build future cars for the Indian market.

At Auto Expo 2020, the company has lined up many of its SUVs under its GWM as well as HAVEL brand. Here, we will focus on the all electric vehicles which were showcased during the Auto Expo 2020-

  • GWM R1– an affordable electric car.
  • Concept H
  • Vision 2025 EV
    So, let’s check out one by one all above mentioned EVs in details here-


The GWM R1 is a low budget car and also popular as the one of the cheapeast car in the market. It is expected that the company will bring this car very soon in Indian market. To know all the details of this car- please read our dedicated article on this.

Technical Specifications

Motor: 35KW
Power: 46.9 BHP
Torque: 125NM
Battery Range: 351 km and another 301 km per charge

GWM also announced the investment of $1 billion in India. And the company is just wants to grab the opportunity to expand the networks with the help of it’s long range of product portfolio.

GWM Concept-H

The GWM Concept-H is a plug-in hybrid car which is loaded with all the future technology. The company has not disclosed any technical details about this new car but yes the GWM has designed this SUV to target mainly the Indian youngsters.

Vision 2025 EV

The name itself tells much about this car. The Vision 2025 is a next generation vehicle. It’s not just an SUV because it has all the interesting features like the face recognition, next-gen 5G in-car infotainment service, automated parking and advanced autonomous driving.

KIA Motors

KIA Motors entered into the with the delivery of first SUV “Kia Seltos” in August 2019. Only in few month KIA Motors became the one of the top seller of utility vehicle in India. KIA electric SUV specification matches with the Hyundai Kona electric and we must remember that the KIA Motor and Hyundai come under the same umbrella of the Hyundai Motors Company. The company displayed some of its electric SUVs at the Auto Expo 2020. The details given below-


The Kia soul was showcased into international market during the 2018 auto show in Los Angles. In early 2019, the Kia Motors gifted one Kia Soul to the Andra Pradesh Government to show their support for the government’s pro EV stand.

KIA Soul has been already on sale in the international market and competing against the Hyundai Ioniq Electric. This is available in 2 different power output options.

Soul Specifications

Electric Motor power: 204 PS
Max Torque. : 394Nm
Battery: 64kWh (Li-ion)
Range: 450km
Acceleration (0 to 60kmph): 7.6 seconds
Max Speed: 170kmph
Dimension: 4195mm X 1800mm X 1605mm (LxWxH)
Wheelbase: 2570mm
The KIA motors still no clear plan to bring any EV into Indian market nor any official statement has been released yet. But you can experience the same car at KIA Experience Center Gurgaon.

KIA Soul at Auto Expo 2020

Auto Expo 2020
KIA Soul EV at Auto Expo 2020

Niro EV

The Niro EV is the another electrified SUV from the KIA Motors. If it comes into the Indian market, then it will give direct competition to the MG ZS EV.

The powertrain specification of the Niro EV is similar to the KIA Soul and available in two different power output options. But this Niro is more than the SUV and looks crossover big size car. The dimension of the Niro EV is changed due to its length- 4375mm X 1800mm X 1605mm (LxWxH).

Battery & Motor options: 39.2kWh with 136 HP electric motor and 64kWh with 204 HP electric motor.

Well, again the KIA has not made any official announcement for the launch of these EVs in India.

Niro EV at Auto Expo 2020

KIA Niro EV walk around video (Source:Car Blog India)

TATA Motors

TATA Motor is a India’s leading auto manufacturer and currently have it’s Tigor electric into the Indian market. Previously, the Tigor EV was not available for the commercial buyers, but only in October 2019 Tata Motor launched the extended range version of the Tata Tigor EV and opened the booking for personal users also.

Tata Motor also developed the Ziptron technology (an EV powertrain) which is powering the recently launched TATA Nexon EV and probably the coming Altroz EV.

At the Auto Expo 2020, Tata Motors showcased some of its new electric car and SUVs. So, let’s have all the details here-

Altroz EV

The Altroz EV hatchback at the 2019 Geneva motor show, but for India it is the first time TATA Motors showcased publicly at Auto Expo 2020.
The car shown was the production ready. The interior and exterior are very much similar to the regular Altroz but the blue highlights across the whole interior area is exclusive to the Altroz EV.

Tata Motors has not revealed any fresh details about the powertrain used in the Altroz EV.
The battery range of Altroz ev (expected to be powered by the ZipTron technology) will be 250-300km.

Altroz EV at Auto Expo 2020

TATA Altroz EV at Auto Expo 2020

TATA Sierra

The TATA Sierra was a 3 door SUV manufactured in the period from 1991 to 2000. It was the first SUV to be designed and produced all in India.
Now TATA Motor is going to bring the “Sierra” badge once again to keep this name alive. This time TATA Sierra has adressed all the modern requirements of the future SUV.

The company has not released any technical specification of the Sierra but the overall dimension of the SUV is: 4150mm X 1820mm X 1675mm (LxWxH). The final launch date of the Tata Sierra also not yet announced.

Sierra at Auto Expo 2020

My Words

This year all the companies have shown their capabilities, focusing on the electrified vehicles. The market demand is also changing and in my opinion all the manufacturer need address the demand. The companies like Mahindra, Tata, Renault, Kia and MG has a clear vision for their upcoming electric cars in the Indian market. But the Maruti Suzuki must show their willingness to bring affordable EVs in the market. Still, the company is promoting their micro hybrid cars on the theme of greener vehicle which is not actually true in my opinion.

The 15th Auto Expo 2020 is a must visit event. If you miss that due to any reason, then I believe this article has all the updates related to the electric cars.