A voice of 16 year old climate and environmental activist at U.N. Climate Summit 2019 is enough to awake you

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U.N. Climate Summit session ened with the US silence and without any required markable commitments



Currently Indian government is pushing every government and private sectors to use the renewable energy and decrease the dependency from the use of fossil fuel. Promoting electric vehicle by FAME II scheme also the part of that initiation. It was the day 23rd September 2019, dozens of Heads of State and Government, business leaders, and senior representatives from civil society from around the world had gathered to make different announcement in favor of renewable energy, to give updates over the action taken in recent past by their government in respective countries and to listen to the new young personalities those who are taking climate issue very seriously.
These all were for the U.N. Climate Summit held on 23rd September 2019. This summit ePnded without any solid commitments from any of the nations. U.S  pulled their leg out from the agreement made at Paris Agreement.




U.N. Climate Summit 2019 Assembly View

U.N. Climate Summit is one of the best international platforms which clearly reflects where the world leaders: are taking their countries in the view of maintaining the green planet. During the Paris Agreement U.N nationals had agreed to take major action for reducing the use of fossil fuel. But in other way doing so also comes with the cost of either spending so much money in generating and to utilizing the natural energy resources or putting brake on moving economic growth for a time. All the countries are using fossil fuels for fulfilling their energy demand since long back. They have been habitual of doing that because all the eco-system has been built for that purpose only. But if any one goes for the renewable energy resources utilization to fulfill the energy demand then a fresh new eco-system need to be built. This thing needs to be done in all the sectors where huge amount of energy use is involved, like- Electricity production, Factory operation, Metal industry and Automobile industry.


Let’s see how changing eco-system form petrol/diesel to battery and fuel cell impacting temperedly economic growth:

Creating a new eco-system to promote and use of renewable energy resources costs a lot. Even it can lead to unemployment for a period. European countries are already invested into internal combustion engine vehicle now they need to invest again in new eco-system “Battery powered vehicles’ development eco-system”. They don’t have any choice also because if they fail then some other countries will take lead over their 100 years old expertise area. China is now currently selling more than 50% of electric vehicle sold rest of the world but still this volume is only 04 to 05% to total sales volume of car sold in China. Other big manufacturer like VW and Mercedes are now entering into fully electric vehicle market. India is also promoting EVs and every day or week a new startup coming with their electric two-wheeler models. This could be one of the reasons that now U.S don’t want to push more to its industries which will cost a lot of many and tends to job loss for a time.


Someone like you and me is very much concern about the worst situation of the climate on earth:

Some of the volenteers and climate activists were given the chance to use the U.N. Climate Summit 2019 flatform to keep their concern before the world leaders and business tycons. Greta Thunberg was one of them and she kept her worlds very bluntly – 
“you are failing us,
But the young people are starting to understand your betrayal.
The eyes of all future generations are upon you, and if you choose to fail us,
I say, we will never forgive you.”


when she started her words then some people laughed but very soon all realized that whatever she is saying it’s all true because none of them were answer to the question why we have failed even its been 30 years for science has been crystal clear.


Greta Thunberg

16 years old climate and environmental activist Greta Thunberg is from Sweden. Now she is very much active or protesting for clean environment through different rallies. 
Last Friday over 4 million people striked for the climate.
This Friday we do it again!
170 countries and 6383 events so far in #weekforfuture
Find or register your strike at or local websites.
Spread the word!#FridaysForFuture #ClimateStrike

— Greta Thunberg (@GretaThunberg) September 25, 2019

Here are the videos in which she has very well explained how we people are destroying our mother nature/environment and what are the easy ways we can adopt for its reservation. She has talked about 3 worlds-

She also kept her views towards the saving climate on TED Stockholm.

India’s commitments to reduce the carbon footprint and to minimize the pollution under the Paris Agreement can be read here-




Prime Minister Narendra Modi also kept his point on the stage of  2019 U.N.Climate 2019. India commited to increase the renewable energy capacity upto 175 GW by 2022 and further we are striving to increase it upto 450 Gwatt. Rain water harvesting and water resource development investment has planned of 50 billion dollar in next few years.


Cauvery Calling:

Cauvery Calling is one of the appreciable actions taken to reserve the Cauvery river and ground water by planting crores of plants in India. Till now more than 4 Crore trees have been planted through this initiative.


Cauvery Calling is a first of its kind campaign, setting the standard for how India’s rivers – the country’s lifelines – can be revitalized. It will initiate the revitalization of Cauvery river and transform the lives of 84 million people

Happy to know about your effort. It will surely add to the endeavour of harnessing Jal Shakti and preventing unnecessary wastage of water.


Also wishing you a Happy Birthday! Praying for your long life and best health! @SadhguruJV

— Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) September 3, 2019

American actor, film producer, and environmentalist “Leonardo DiCaprio” also requested people to support the “Cauvery Calling” initiative-



My Words:

This is the time for change. Even small change is regular habit to use the energy will contribute more. It’s time to restore the natural resources and minimize the use of fossil fuels. Expert says during this high time the energy conservation will not effectively work. We must take active participation in the initiative like “Cauvery Calling“. Greta Thunberg is aware about her duties and we all must appreciate her action along with some positive changes in our regular daily routine so that we can put some contribution to save the mother nature.