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Flexible and Foldable in different shapes: Li-ion rechargeable battery

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Cutting edge battery technology: Completly flexible and foldable Li-ion batteries to support next-generation advance devices:

South Korea is known for it’s technology in electronic fields and a major break through you can see in battery technology also. South Korea based company Jenax has always been in news since 2015 for their cutting edge battery technology. Jenax has showcased their J-FLEX Batteries in CES2015. This technology is really jaw dropping.
In above picture you can see a roughly folded paper type thing- this is J-FLEX Li-ion rechargeable battery powering the bulb.

About Company:

JENAX is estiblished in 1991 but battery development team is working from last 7 to 8 years. Company also deals in textiles and Stainless Steel Wires. It produces ultra-fine wires.
Company head office and factory are in South Korea.

Battery Technology:

JENAX has developed a unique kind of Li-ion battery which can be fold, rolled or bend in many ways as per the requirement of its applications. This is rechargeable, and it has many advantages.
This battery has several unique features like-
It is made up with gel polymer electrolyte.
No overheating observed during testing and uses.
Low internal resistance.
High energy density.
It has rapid movement of lithium ion within.
Stable even with bending fatigue.
As this battery can be formed into different flexible shapes even without losing the voltage so the scope of application is also in different field. It can be used in Medical, Fashion, Health, Military or Tech industries.

Test Performed to prove this technology:

Like any engineering concept this technology is also proven by performing different extensive tests like-
  Short Circuit Test
   Over Charge Test
   Over Discharge Test
  Over Current Test
   High Temperature Test
   Low Pressure Test
  Heating Test
   Impact Test
   Drop Test
   Nail Penetration Test

In all above test J-Flex battery maintained its original characteristic and passed successfully. It also proved that in any state (like non-bending or dynamic bending) the battery delivers nearly same voltage and current-

 How this technology is serving us:

So, this technology will definitely support the creative product ideas and will give freedom to the designer to choose any shape and size of the product to serve the purpose in a better manner.
Currently these batteries are in use in Smart Watch, Smart Glasses, Headset, Fitness Band, Medical Devices, Smart Apparel, Footwear, GPS Tracker, Military Helmet and Wearable Robot.

My Words:

Now there are several companies making these types of battery, but flexibility and degree of movement is so good for these J-FLEX batteries manufactured by JENAX Company.
Some Chinese companies are also manufacturing the paper printed batteries but those are not such high density Li-ions.