A Tesla owner from Texas implanted her Tesla KeyCard’s RFID Chip into here arms.

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A software engineer and Tesla Car owner now can activate her Tesla without any physical card

She implemented the key in her arm.

Complete story:

Tesla is known for its technology in the electric car world and its owner always feels proud of owning a Tesla. All the Tesla models comes with a variety of features which is always a next level technology and they make technology such a way that it attracts us. Tesla Model 3 comes with the key-card to enter the car as well as to start it. This card needs to touch near the driver’s door to open the Tesla gate and again need to touch this card once at the console panel to start the car. This card is having chip which is called the RFID Chip.
What is RFID:
RFID: Radio-frequency identification uses electromagnetic filed to automatically identify and track tags attached the Tesla.
A Tesla Model 3 owner takes love towards her car to the next level. Few days ago Amie DD implemented her Tesla keycard RFID chip into her right arm.
Amie DD is a software developer and bio-hacker from Dallas (A city of Texas). She was working to do this from last few months. All the process she followed is explained through the video or her twitter posts.


Tesla Model 3 Key chip extraction from the card
Tesla key card is having chip wire spread through all area of the card. It’s not like limited to a specific area like we see the chip in credit/debit card, Driving license. So, cutting a card to take out the chip may damage to chip also. Amie DD used Acetone to disolve the card material and take out the RFID chip from it.

The size of the chip along with wires after coming out from dissolved card was 40mmX10mm.

Tesla Key RFID Chip

Amie wrote on her twitter

It was very difficult to find out the right organization/company to get this thing done. Even there was no suitable useful information available on Google. One of her friend introduced to DangerousThings who had been working with his own biopolymer for Vivokey. DangerousThings and Vivokey both are working on RFID & NFC implant.
“This is the modern advance technology by which one can access password proceed door or start the car just waving the hand. Human augmentation through implantable devices is the technique to implant the chip into human body (specially in hand area to access the things by hand wave only). So, no worry to forget the password or to remember it.”

With the help of Vivokey, Amie implanted the Tesla key card’ NFC circuit to her hand successfully.
Tesla Key RFID Chip inserted in hand

Now, this is going to be very intresting when Amie DD will no more required the keycard to drive the Tesla Model 3. It’s just a matter of waving the hand and Tesla will be ready for her.

In her Twitter post she wrote that now her hand is swollen and very soon she will share the video of working this advance technology. What ever will be the update you people can find here on this blog.