Lets begin the journey of Electric Vehicle knowledge sharing…

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Why It’s high time for the Indian Automobile Industry and Consumers:

Now all the countries are facing a major crisis in petroleum products (Petrol & Diesel). Especially the middle class and lower class are unable to afford the rising petrol and diesel prices. India also wants to minimize the dependency on the Arab countries for petrol and diesel imports.
One other major aspect to look for another energy source is the significantly increases of carbon footprint.
It’s high time for developing countries to contribute to the preservation of our green environment.
       Now complete automobile world is shifting from ‘IC Engine’ to ‘Battery-powered Vehicle’-

Different options available in the market are –

 In this complete blog, you will get to know the all about electric vehicles – its history, current market scenario and future scope. You will also get to know how electric vehicle will bring change into our life.
Note: If you have any input or anything you want to know then please let me know through the comments. This complete blog going to add so much information and knowledge into your knowledge bank.