Gemopai Astrid electric scooter is now available for sale with price tag of Rs 79,999/-

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Gemopai is in India with 2 electric scooters

Gemopai Astrid

Goreen E-Mobility is a Delhi based start-up  and mobility company founded in 2016. It was started by Amit Raj Singh and Bhanu Kumar in 2016. Company collaborated Opai Electronics. Opai is a China based online electric 2 wheeler selling firm. This is been year of company and it sold more than 15 million electric 2 wheelers worldwide.

Electric scooter is in sell into India under the brand name “Gemopai Electric Scooter“. Last year Gemopai has launched its first product which was the electric scooter “Ryder” with battery range of  90km.

Gemopai Ryder
Gemopai Ryder Specification
90 km/charge
250 Watts
48V/20Ah Lithium Ion
Front and Rear Hydraulic
Front Disc and Rear Drum
15 degree
Max Loading Capacity
150 kg
Once a year
Additional Feature
LED Light and USB
After this company has come up recently with another model of electric scooter “Astrid”. Gemopai Astrid is offered in five color options of Eclectic Neon, Deep Indigo, Fiery Red, Burnt Charcoal and Fireball Orange. Scooter is having 3 drive modes of Sport, City and Economy and could command a drive range of 75-90 km per charge. One can also double the ride range to 150-180 kms with an extra battery pack.
Gemopai Astrid (Image Credit:
Now, company has already started providing the dealership for these scooter and any one interested can visit the company’s website.

My Words:

Even though the Opai Electric has more than of 15 years of experience in selling the electric 2 wheeler market. But the technology offered by the Gemopai also need to be tested on Indian roads. Many companies have already launched e-scooters in India and competition will increase day by day. Its all becoming like anroid mobile market – a lot of companies had launched their product but only some of them survived now. Mobile was not so high investment but purchasing a electric scooter of 80K (Gemopai Astrid priced is approx Rs 80,000/-) will be a considerable investment for middle or lower class Indian consumers. Customer will look into company profile (through the company website and media advertisement) and obviously word of mouth will be also another factor. Service facility also matters. So, the companies those are launching scooter must fulfill those criteria. Some of the companies are still not having the correct or sufficient information and technical details of the e-scooters on their official website. For some people this might be a minor point of concern but in my opinion it also matters.
So, you people can visit the official website of Gemopai for more information and also visit to their dealership for testdrive which will help you to make decision for this brand.