Most affordable electric scooter and bike launched under the brand name EVOLET

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Rissala Electric Motors Pvt. Ltd. launched most affordable EVs under the brand name “EVOLET

Evolet Electric Vehicles Launch Event

India is moving towards the new era of EVs and Indian government is also promoting this. Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways. Gadkari said, “The government is aggressively promoting renewable resources and electric vehicles to curb pollution. We will do everything that is necessary to make the transition from fuel-based to electric vehicles as smooth as possible. The demand is very high as people are now aware of its benefits and harmful effects of fossil fuels on the environment and human beings. We are working on a multi-pronged approach and hope that soon India will have cleaner air to breathe.”

After one by one many automobile and other companies are evolving themselves to do something better in the field of electric vehicle in India. After mobile market this will be the one of the largest evolutionary market in coming year. Now Gurgaon based Rissala Electric Motors Pvt. Ltd. launched series of electric 2 wheelers on 04 September 2019. This launch event was organised in Pullman New Delhi Aerocity.
Evolet India

Evolet India launched three different electric scooters and bike along with the country’s first e-quad bike. The three scooters launched include the Pony, Polo and the Derby. Off-road e-quad bike has named as Warrior.

Pony – 

Pony is compact European looking electric scooter. The major customer circle would be school or collage going students (specially girls).

        Price: 39,499/- (EZ variant) and 49,499/- (classic variant)
Battery : 48V and 24Ah
Motor: 250watt
EZ variant motor is powred by VRLA battery (valve-regulated lead-acid battery), while Classic variant is having Li-ion battery.

Polo – 

Polo Classic
Evolet Polo comes in two variants: 
        [1] Polo Classic [2] Polo EZ

        44,499/- (EZ variant) and 54,499/- (classic variant)
Range: 60 km and Top Speed: 25kmph
Motor: 250watt
EZ variant motor is powred by VRLA battery (valve-regulated lead-acid battery),
while Classic variant is having Li-ion battery.



Derby is sporty looking scooter which company is offering for young working population.

        Price: 46,499/- (EZ variant) and 59,999/- (classic variant)
Battery: 60V and 30Ah
EZ variant motor is powred by VRLA battery (valve-regulated lead-acid battery),
Motor: Water proof BLDC Motor
Range: 60 km and Top Speed: 25kmph


Evolet Warrior

The quad off-road vehicle comes with tall suspension and off-road tyres, 4 auxiliary light along with head lights. Its complete off-roader or can be used in farm and lawns.
Price :           1.4 L
Max. Speed : 60km/h
Range:          50km
Charging time: 08 Hrs.

Showcased other offerings-




Price not announced , Hawk is an electric sport bike with premium  features such as all LED headlamp, digital instrument cluster and e-ABS. Bike suspension front is hydraulic telescopic and rear one is double shocker with dual tube technology. Brakes provided front is disc and rear is drum brake. Bike will be available in 4 different colours- Red, Blue, Black/Green and Black/Red.

Range: 120 to 150
        Battery: 72V/ 80Ah Lithium Ion
        Charging time: 5 to 6 hours
        Top Speed: 80 kmph
Motor: 2kW Bldc motor  (waterproof)
Peak power: 3.5kW
        Gradient :  15 degree
        Bike weight : 129 kg with loading capacity of 150 kg

Future Products-

On the same stage Evolet India showcased their some other electric vehicles which will be launched in coming future. Company did not give much details about those EVs right now but here are the some facts and figures about those EVs-

Falcon is an electric naked bike street fighter. Company may launch it in future in competition of Revolt RV400. Price not disclosed yet. 

Raptor-  Company has not disclosed the price for this scooter. It is a maxi scooter suitable for the long distance commuting. 

Well, all the electric vehicle is coming with Li-ion battery but company is also providing the option to go with the VRLA (valve regulated lead acid battery pack) to make higher version of each model economical.

Special Features: 

E-ABS: The Electronic assisted braking system assure you safest ride on the road. A quick response system which decelerate at very short time.
Digital Instrument Cluster: Pony classic and Durby classic 

IOT enabled: The top-end version of these e-scooters is IOT-enabled and is powered by the Evolet appwhich provides information such as battery health, battery status, GPS and security tracking, and service due notification. The company is also offering a fast charger that can charge the battery within 3 hours.


Pony, Polo and Durby
Battery- 01 years
Motor  – 12 months
Batter- 3 years
Motor- 18 months


EVs Market and Production Infrastructure

Company has target now Rajasthan, Maharastra, Haryana, Punjab and Chandigarh to setup it dealership and service network. As of now company will make the launched vehicle available for sale in above mentioned places but after 2 or 3 months company will open the sale for the rest of the places in India.
The electric scooters will be manufactured at a modern facility in Bilaspur, Haryana, which is spread over 1,00,000 square feet.

My Words:

Indian consmers and buyers have always been price oriented and asked for the most affordable product from the manufacturer. So, for those who is having price tag is major concern this is really a good news. Evolet Motor has really made it possible to make EVs very much affordable. Here all launched EVs are having same price tag as similar to their rival petrol scooter and bikes. Its really good deal for the customer. But, the sales and service also matters a lot. Well during the launch event company has promised for the best sales and service facility so time will tell the real story. For more details about these all the EVs you can visit the company website-
What is your opinion about these electric scooter and bike, you can write in comment box below.