Delhi Metro in association with Yulu e-bike provides facility to rent ebike

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Yulu e-bikes launched in Delhi in Partnership with Delhi Metro (DMRC)

Yulu e-bike launch at Delhi Metro (Image credit- Yulu)

Delhi is always been a place to take initiative to make minimize the pollution. Delhi Metro was also a good step in this direction. All over around 343 kms and through 250 metro stations Delhi Metro is serving approximately 5.5 million commuter every month. DRMC made all the effort to make Metro journey safe, comfortable and environment friendly. Now DRMC taken a next step to minimize the pollution through the last or first mile travel by e-bikes. Yes now you can rent the electric bikes from some of the metro station parking. Yulu e-bike launched this facility to rent e-bike at Delhi metro stations. Currently this services will be available at 09 different metro stations. During this launch event the Mangu Singh, MD, DRMC said- Our Public Bike Sharing initiative with Yulu will provide the much needed first and last-mile connectivity to our users. It is one-of-its-kind collaboration to make mobility seamless and sustainable.

Yulu Miracle e-bike 
Two variants of Yulu e-bike

History of Yulu e-bikes: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Amit Gupta.Company was started by Amit Gupta, RK Mishra, Hemant Gupta and Naveen Dachuri with seed fund and upto now raised 7 million dollors in March 2019.Yulu is built on a simple philosophy to make urban mobility seamless, shareable and sustainable. The company was started in 2017 and e-bikes are operational in Bangalore, Pune, Bhubaneswar and Mumbai. There are 2 different e-bike model  available- Miracle and Move.

 Charges and its presence of Yulu e-bikes:

Image Credit: Yulu

At present Yulu e-bike has started providing its services across all 40 Yulu zones located at 09 different metro stations starting from ‘Jawahar Lal Nehru stadium’ on violet line to ‘Delhi Haat INA’ on the yellow line. This first phase has been started with 250 Yulu miracle e-bikes. Company has planned to bring 5000 e-bikes in this service through Delhi NCR metro stations. After market analysis company has decided to to launch 25000 e-bikes by the end of first quarter of 2019.

Yulu company is already providing its services in Bangalore, Pune, Bhubaneswar and Mumbai.
Yulu has made all the process to rent and drive the e-bike so easy through its mobile application.

 The charges applicable  to rent this Yulu ebike starts at Rs 10 and goes to the Rs 10 every 30 minutes. 

Image credit: Yulu Bike

How does it work:

Download ‘Yulu’ App into mobile  > Locate a Yulu e-bike > Unlock a e-bike  > Enjoy the ride  >  End the ride at any Yulu e-bike stand.

Download YULU app-Download the Yullu app from the App-store or the Play-store.
Locate a Yulu e-bike-
Use the Yulu app to find closest Yulu e-bike to you or to locate a Yulu Zone around you.
Unlock a e-bike-
To unlock the vehicle, simply scan the QR code located on the panel of e-bike.
Enjoy the ride-
While driving the Yulu e-bike always follow the traffic rules and parking policies.
End the ride-
To end your journey just park Yulu e-bike at any of the Yulu Zone, lock it and click on the End button on the mobile application. 

Special feature of Yulu Miracle-

Miracle and Move are the two e-bikes. Among these 2, the Miracle has been launched in association with the DMRC. Maximum speed : 25 kph

Tires are solid and will not be purchased anymore.
The e-bike can not be tampered because it is made up of one piece. Every e-bike has embedded GPS system so it can be easily tracked.

Terms and Conditions to use Yulu e-bikes:

Image Credit:

Any one of age 16 or above can ride the Yulu e-bikes. All the traffic rules will be application during riding of this e-bike. Bike must be parked in any of the Yulu Zone after its use. Payment will be done online through the mobile application.

Future plans:

Yulu bike has already tested Yulu Miracle in Delhi earlier. As of now only 250 e-bikes are on road but company will be increasing this number to 5000 e-bikes by the end of this road. Further company has planned to expand this facility in the Delhi NCR metro stations with 25000 e-bikes.

My Words:

There were regular bicycles available for rent near Delhi metro station. Now this battery powered e-bike will make last mile travel more interesting without costing much and without damaging the environment. Its really a good step and I believe the metro commuter will appreciate this lead.