Ampere vehicles- ahead in the market with affordable electric vehicles and human empowerment in its DNA

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Understanding the common man’s need is the key to success for Ampere Vehicles

Ampere Vehicles is a Coimbatore based company  with a clear vision to human empowerment and to create the sustainable and green transportation electric vehicles. Started in back 2008 its first production plant is located in-

Nanthavana Thottam Kannampalayam, Sulur, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, INDIA

Mrs. Hemalatha Annamalai
Founder and CEO of Ampere Motor
SMEV CHIEF- South Chapter
She has accumulated more than twenty years of corporate experience. Her exposure ranges from working on advanced software development solutions to building companies that eventually have become economic assets to her expanding business portfolio.

Ampere vehicle till now helped in the reduction of CO2 and prevented emission up to7810 Tones of CO2. And saved over Hundreds of Gallon’s petrol.

These all started in 2018 after attending an electric conference in Japan.
A computer science graduate in 1989 she worked for Wipro for about 6 years
After 18 years in Singapore.

Company started in 2008
Company is DSIR Recognized– Department of Scientific & Industrial Research

Ampere is the among core technology advisory group of Indian Government to re-write the plan for
electric vehicles Industry.

Ampere is the first company to introduce the 60V electric scooter in India.

Product Portfolio:

Ampere Vehicle
Ampere Vehicles Products (Image Credit: Ampere Vehicles)

Specialty of these vehicles are-They don’t drink, don’t smoke and don’t shout. 

Ampere Vehicles has a wide variety of low to high-cost affordable two-wheeler and special purpose three-wheelers in its portfolio. Broadly these are divided into 2 categories-


Currently, Ampere Vehicles have 04 different electric two-wheelers for sale – Zeal , V48 Series, Reo Series and MagnusAmpere Zeal is high speed 60V electric scooter which comes with the Li-ion battery. V48 series and Reo Series are available in Li-ion battery as well as with the sealed lead-acid battery options. Ampere Magnus is available only with lead-acid battery option. All the electric two-wheelers (except Ampere Zeal) have a maximum speed of 25kmph and these all neither requires driving license nor the having expenses like bike insurance. Only with the charged battery, you are ready to go. All the technical specifications of Ampere Vehicles electric bikes are covered in below table-

Specification Comparison of the Ampere two-wheelers
ZEAL V48 Reo Series Magnus
Li-ion Lead Acid Li-ion Lead Acid
Charging Time 5-6 Hours 5-6 Hours 8-10 Hours 5-6 Hours 8-10 Hours 8-10 Hours
Range per Charge 70-75 Km 60-65 Km 45-50 Km 60-65 Km 45-50 Km 45-50 Km
Speed 50-55 kmph 25 kmph 25 kmph 25 kmph 25 kmph 25 kmph
Payload 130 Kg 100 Kg 100 Kg 140 Kg 140 Kg 140 Kg
Battery Capacity 60V/30Ah 48V/24Ah 48V/24Ah 48V/24Ah 48V/24Ah 60V/24Ah
Motor Capacity 1200W 250W 250W 250W 250W 250W
Battery Type Advanced
Lead Acid
Lead Acid
Lead Acid
Battery Life
(No. of Cycles)
650 Cycles 650 Cycles 300 Cycle 650 Cycles 300 Cycle 300 Cycle
Charger Rating 60V/30Ah 48V/6A 48V/2.7A 48V/6A 48V/2.7A 60V/2.7A
Kerb Weight in Kg 78Kg 66Kg 84Kg 70Kg 88Kg 94Kg
Length (mm) 1720 1750 1750 1730 1730 1880
Width (mm) 670 640 640 660 660 710
Height (mm) 1115 1200 1200 1200 1200 1190
Wheel Base (mm) 1235 1275 1275 1334 1334 1415
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years 1 Year 2 Years 1 Year 1 Year
Colors Cherry Red
Pearl White
Ocean Blue
Steel Gray


Ampere MITRA (Image Credit: Ampere Vehicles)

Ampere Vehicles has always been looking forward to solving the problem at ground level. The company understood the future demand of the growing nation and invested in R&D since inception. This action made the company’s product portfolio very large.

Ampere TRISUL (Image Credit: Ampere Vehicles)

Currently Ampere Vehicles made it possible to come up with different variety of electrically operated vehicles are capable to make different industrial vehicles on-demand like- Ampere E-TROLLEY, Ampere GOLF-CART, Ampere PC4 (A multi-seater vehicle to address the last mile commute transport), Ampere WMS Series (A customized waste carrier electric vehicle which is used by municipal corporation to collect wastes from door to door) and Ampere TRISUL (Suitable for locomotion within the factory premises). These are very useful production and only became possible due to the company’s vision to bring the change in society. Here the technical specification of TRISUL and MITRA (Designed for transportation of cargo and material) is listed in below table-

Specification of the Ampere Industrial Vehicles
Charging Time 6-8 Hours 10-12 Hours
Range per Charge 35 Km 70 Km
Speed 10 kmph 25 kmph
Payload 100 Kg 140 Kg
Battery Capacity 36V/12Ah 60V/150Ah
Motor Capacity 250W 1280W
Motor Type BLDC BLDC
Battery Type Maintenance Free
Lead Acid
Battery Weight 12.5Kg N/A
Battery Life
(No. of Cycles)
300 Cycles 300 Cycle
Charger 220V/2.7A 60V/15A
Kerb Weight in Kg 41.7Kg 430Kg
Length (mm) 1185 3506
Width (mm) 490 1093
Height (mm) 1170 1499
Wheel Base (mm) 775 2175
Front Tyre Size 16×2.21 inches
Turning Radius 775 mm
Brake System Drum Drum
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year

Pricing of Ampere Electric Vehicles:

Ampere Reo electric Rs. 37000/- to Rs. 45,496/-
Ampere V48 series is available at Rs. 28900/-  to Rs. 37,488/-
Ampere Zeal is the high speed scooter which comes with tubeless tires and Li-ion battery. Current market price of Ampere Zeal starts from Rs. 66,950/- (Ex. showroom price in Delhi)

Ampere Vehicles comes under the Indian Government FAME II and receives the considerable amount of incentives.
Details are-

Incentives under FAME-II Indian Government Scheme
S. No. Model Name Vehicle Type Incentive Amount
1 V60 Two Wheeler 7500
2 Ampere-V48 Two Wheeler 7500
3 Ampere REO Two Wheeler 7500
4 Ampere Reo Li Two Wheeler 17000
5 Ampere Magnus 60 Two Wheeler 7500
6 Ampere V48 Li Two Wheeler 17000
7 ZEAL Two Wheeler 22000

Production Capacity:

Current production capacity is 60000 vehicles per year. but as per the market requirement company is just utilizing 40% capacity. Seeing the demand in the market company is also in plan to expand its manufacturing hub anywhere in the center location of India also. By end of this financial year (In FY20) Ampere Vehicles will be exporting its products to 2 countries. Ampere Vehicles are hugely invested and focused on the R&D of electric vehicle powertrain which includes the Battery, Motor, Motor Controller and other power electronics and by doing so the company has localized approx. 30% parts of its electric vehicles. This figure will increase more up to 60% to 65% once the company will localize the electric motor also. The customer from overseas is very keen to work with Ampere Vehicles because they can see the reliability on the power train part and this is the unique point about the Ampere Vehicles.

Partnership with Greaves Cotton:

Greaves Cotton increased its share from 67.34% to 81.23%in Ampere Vehicles.

Greaves Cotton, a leading diversified engineering company has acquired around 67.34% of the shares of Ampere Vehicles by investing 77 crores in October 2018. Now further in  July-2019 Greaves Cotton increased its stake in the Ampere Vehicles from 67.34% to 81.23%. For that, Greaves invested Rs. 38.49 crores in Ampere Vehicles by acquiring 25,73,5129 equity shares.

My Words:

Company has a long vision for its R&D work and after collaboration with Greaves Cotton company enhances its network which will help to reach throughout India. Another side if you see, Ampere Vehicles mainly focuses on the grass route problems and addresses them through the implementation of small-small design improvement in its product. This is the reason people from Tamil Nadu and now from other states of India appreciating their work and becoming the part of electric vehicle green mobility new era. Currently, more than 30% of working employee are women and those all the from the near by villages. Company has provided them with training and empowered them. This is the thing which I think differentiate the Ampere Vehicles from other players in the Indian EV market.