TATA Tigor Extended Range Electric Car Complete Specification, Battery Range and Price

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TATA Tigor (213 km battery range) launched in India at Ex. Showroom Price 9.44L*

In India, Tata has a very large customer base and dealership also can be found every small to a large city. And Tata makes Passenger Car (hatchback, sedan, SUV ), Light Commercial vehicle, Special purpose vehicle for Indian Army as well as the heavy-duty trucks and buses. But Tata made a unique presence in the market in 2017 for electric cars. In 2017, Tata grabbed the contract to supply 10,000 number of electric car for the Indian government-run ‘Energy Efficiency Services Limited’ organization. A few months back only Tata Tigor EV made available to the Indian public through the car hire service companies like Blu Smart Mobility , ZOOM Car and all. But until now Tata Tigor electric car was not available for the sale for the general public.
Tata Tigor Extended Range Electric Car (Image Credit: Tata Motors)
India has still only a few options for electric car buyers. The country has huge potential but only there were 2 companies – Mahindra Electric and Hyundai (Kona) have their electric 4 wheelers in India. Now TATA has launched Tata Tigor in the Indian market for retails customers with the extended battery range.
Earlier Tata Tigor
has battery range of 142km.
Tata Tigor Extended range
launched with battery range of 213km.
Last week only Tata made announcement about its new Tata Tigor Extended Range and made it available for sale in open market. Earlier Tata Tigor was only available ondemand batch production from the Indian Government and Private car rental or service companies like- ZooM Car.


Tata Tigor Gradeability is 9.8 Deg.
Its gearbox is just single speed automatic.

Let’s get to know the Tata Tigor Extended Range:

Tata Tigor Powertrain System
Tata Tigor is a 5-seater electric sedan which has electric powertrain with delivering maximum power of 30kW at 4500 rpm and maximum torque of 105 Nm at 2500 rpm. The car interior is very decent has much more feature to attract any electric vehicle buyer.


Tata Tigor  EV Specifications:

TATA Tigor Performance and Battery
Vehicle Type
M1 Category**
72 V 3-Phase AC Induction Motor
Zero Tailpipe Emission
Max. Power (kW @ r/min)
30 kW @ 4500 r/min
Max. Torque (Nm @ r/min)
105 Nm @ 2500 r/min
Battery Capacity
21.5 kWh
Single Speed, Automatic
9.8 Deg
Regenerative Braking
AC Charging Standard
DC Fast Charging Standard
Normal Charging Time (0%-100%)
11.5 hrs*
Fast Charging Time (0%-80% with 15 kW charger)
2 hrs*
Max Speed
80 Kmph
Certified Full Charge range
(as per MIDC Cycle)
213 KM
* 25 +/- 2 degrees ambient and battery temperature
** Vehicles designed and built for the carriage of passengers and comprising no more than eight seats in addition to the driver’s seat
Maximum speed of the Tigor EV is 80 kmph.
A 21.5 kW battery pack gives the juice to it powertrain.


Tata Tigor is powertrain takes electric power from a 21.5 kWh battery pack which can be charge from AC charger in 11.5 hrs and with the help of 15kW DC charger battery just need to charge for only 02 hours. Regenerative brake system is also on place to charge the battery during decelaration, braking or coasting of the car. Tata Tigor comes with two air bag and antilock breaking system is also works perfectly well. 
Tata Tigor Gear Shift mode, Dual Airbag and Instrument Cluster

Tata Tigor Extended Range Price & Variants Explained:

Tata Tigor comes in 03 different variants which are named as-
XE+  , XM+ and XT+
Now you would be thinking- what would be the difference among these 3 varinats and what could be the price tags. So, Let me explanin in very simple way to make it easy for you. Tata Motors offers all the basic features in its all three variants but there are some features like alloy wheel, music systems and some other which are very well explained below creates the difference among three. So, check it out the below table-
Difference between XE+ , XM+ & XT+
Tata Tigor Electric Variants
Steel wheel rims
Steel wheel rims
Alloy wheels
Single Airbag
(driver side)
Dual Airbag
(Driver & Co-driver)
Dual Airbag
(Driver & Co-driver)
Automatic door lock
(while driving)
Internally adjustable outside mirrors
4 Door power windows
Remote Entry Fob
Integrated Stereo with AM/FM, USB, AUX-IN, iPOD, Bluetooth Connectivity by HARMANTM
Tata Tigor EV Back Seat for 03 peron (Image Credit: Tata Motors)

And now about the pricing of all three variants of Tata Tigor Extended-
There are two different price range- one is for the fleet owener or mass purchase for commercial use of Tata Tigor and second is for the individuals. As FAME-II scheme for 4-wheelers are only applicable for the commercial use electric cars so the price listed below in the table is applicable for commercial purpose buyers.

Ex-Showroom Price Including DPCC Incentive (In Delhi Only) And Govt. FAME incentive
Other Cities of India
Tigor XE+
Rs. 9,44,175
Rs. 10,44,175
Tigor XM+
Rs. 9,60,868
Rs. 10,60,869
Tigor XT+
Rs. 9,75,868
Rs. 10,75,869
For the individuals/personal segment buyers-


Ex-showroom price, Delhi
(for personal segment buyers)
Ex-showroom price, Rest of India
(for personal segment buyers)
Tigor XE+
Rs 13.09 lakh
Rs 12.59 lakh
Tigor XM+
Rs 13.26 lakh
Rs 12.76 lakh
Tigor XT+
Rs 13.41 lakh
Rs 12.91 lakh

The Ex. Showroom price of Tata Tigor EV is Tata Tigor will be available in around 30 cities in India for purchase through Tata dealer networks. Company provides 1.25L km or 03 years of warranty, whichever earlier.

Tata Tigor Extended Range EV comes in two colors-
1) Pearlescent White
2) Egyptian Blue

My Words:

Until now only Mahindra e-Varito, Mahindra e2O+ and Hyundai Kona were available in the Indian market. Hyundai Kona price falls under the luxury cars segment but Tata Tigor will definitely change the game. At this price point, Tata Tigor gives the range of 213km which is really set the benchmark in the Indian electric passenger car market. It will compete with the Mahindra Electric e-Varito in the current scenario. 

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