ORA R1: World’s Cheapest Electric Car will disrupt the Indian EV market

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Great Wall Motors enters into the Indian EV market with World’s Cheapest Electric Car

Great wall motor, a company that has taken the responsibility to deliver the world’s cheapest electric car, is a Chinese brand, started their manufacturing unit in 1984 in china.

The philosophy which company follows is “Improving little by little every day” and because of this it is now China’s largest SUV and pickup manufacturer.

The company has received so many awards including Forbes and no1 SUV brand in China by HAVEL BRAND POSITIONING -now decided to step in to manufacture electric vehicle at cheapest price.

World’s cheapest electric car in India

World's Cheapest Electric Car
World’s cheapest electric car ORA R1 (image credit: designboom)

Great Wall Motors, the Chinese automaker recently announced to enter India with its Haval and ORA brand. The company tweeted “Namaste India! All set for great things ahead”, confirming their India operations. Finally, The Great Wall Motors will showcase these products at the upcoming Auto Expo 2020.

The core values of GWM

Focus, dedication and specialization“- working on these three core values and finally the Great Wall Motor is ready to launch their first EV in India named as Ora R1. The Ora is a newly created an electric vehicle subsidiary of the GREAT WALL MOTOR. Furthermore, to support the same GWM has done huge investment in product research and development. Following to the same GWM has R&D centers in 7 different countries- Germany, Japan, China, Austria, India, USA and South Korea.

Indian electric vehicle market and GMW

Indian market for automakers is very competitive and the condition of Indian economy is also not favorable now.

To debut in Indian market, the company must have some unique things to attract customers like other Chinese brands have done like- KIA and MG.

Like other Chinese brand, this company also set the lowest price as their USP to attract more people. Similarly, the GWM claims to set the price economical to Indian market and will be the cheapest car in its segment.

What an EV mean to Indians?

So, when we talk about EV’s, it is must to know about its Range, Dimension, Segment, Price and features available in the car. To meet all the previously mentioned requirement is the main challenge for any of the EVs manufacturers. However, I do believe the GMW has taken the lead at specification and a price point of view with its launch of the world’s Cheapest Electric Car in India- ORA R1. Let see one by one, of GMW ORA R1

World’s Cheapest Electric Car ORA R1 Specifications:

ORA R1 electric powertrain
GWM ORA R1 electric powr-train (Image Credit: designboom)
  • Segment:  4 door sedan

ORA R1 performance

  • Charging time– 9 to 10 hrs
  • Battery range–  351 km which is comparable to other electric car launching in India.
  • Motor Power– 35kw
  • Maximum Torque– 125 Nm
  • Max Speed–  100kmph
  • Acceleration– 9.9 Sec to reach 100
  • Front Suspension– Macpherson independent suspension
  • Rear Suspension– Torsion beam dependent suspension

Dimensions of ORA R1

  • Wheel track– 1660 mm
  • Wheel base- 2475 mm
  • Overall length– 3495 mm
  • Height- 1560 mm
  • Tyre size- 165/65 R15 Radial (provided good ground clearance to the vehicle)

Features offered

GMW ORA R1 is loaded with all the features which you could expect from any mid range cars in India-
ORA R1 Dashboard (Image credit:
  • Two charging sockets – one is fast charging and other is normal charging- fitted at the front bumper top.
  • Unique and attractive headlamp – Bulb type headlamps (LED DRLS fitted to top semicircle+ blinkers fitted to the lower semicircle of headlamps), Additionally- all are integrated into one unit making its headlamp design unique and eye catching.
  • Rear LED lamps+ blinkers+ stop lamps (all integrated into one combined box to make it sophisticated and unique).
  • Two brake lights – one at the rear window and one at the rear bumper- fitted to provide clear dimension/view of vehicle at night.
  • Start-stop button.
  • Rotary button for performance control – Powertrain controls which is a rotary button fitted in the center console to change your drive mode to forward, reverse and neutral looks really admirable.
  • Floating touch panel DISPLAY on the dashboard.
  • DOOR open alert system, seat belt warning system.
  • Adjustable steering column, steering controls, you can adjust and recline your seat as well by using knob and levers fitted on front seats.
  • Provision for a water bottle on the door inside panel is an additional feature.
  • Rear parking camera, sensors etc.
  • Power hand-brake, spacious glove box, rear seat bottle holder. Luggage space is also pretty good. You can increase its space by folding your rear seat.
  • Digital dashboard and touch panel having control of your AC System, Bluetooth connectivity, battery charging condition, air recirculation, volume control, AC blower speed control, and so many things. Other than that all the things are at your fingertips, which makes it a complete car to the customers in this price range.

ORA R1 Price

  • Price: $8,680 to $11,293 which roughly converts to Rs 6.5 lakh to Rs 8.5 lakh

How GWM ORA R1 will make a difference in the EVs industry?

As per the mindset of Indian people, this is a value for money, smarter, safer and the spacious car and most important thing- Zero emission- means you are giving your contribution to protect environment and adding value to it as well. The ORA R1 is on the top list of upcoming electric cars in India 2020.

The key parameter, which could be the stepping stone to success for the ORA R1

  1. It’s price is economical and much cheaper than other EV’S available in India which will help it to flourish in Indian market.
  2. The features available in the car makes it advanced car in its price range.
  3. Car Dimension is comparable to kwid and Maruti Suzuki s-Presso which are most selling car in India in this segment.
  4. Car looks, leg space, headroom all make it favorable to Indian customers.

In India, the major concern is ‘charging infrastructure’ which will take time to build. But this is very much sure that- if government policies and we Indians keep on giving green signals to these kind of EV manufacturer and buy more EV’S and HEV’s, then one day- for sure India will be contributing very less to the carbon emission and great market for EV’s like European countries.

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