Finally the India’s own electric SUV TATA Nexon EV is here

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TATA Nexon EV specification, price, building philosophy, delivery date and more

TATA Nexon electric SUV

The global unveiling of Tata Motor Nexon EV was on 19th Dec-2019. TATA Motor’s most awaited electric SUV is loaded with all the latest features and technology.

Shailesh Chandra, President, Electrical Vehicle Business Unit & Corporate Strategy of TATA Motors initiated the unveil event with his words telling ‘why does India need its own EV’. About 14 Indian cities are among the top 15 most polluted cities in the world and this is one of the reasons for the 30% pre-mature death in the country. Whenever we talk about the air-quality then we talk about the PPM. And one of the science data says that 45% of PPM are due to the petrol and diesel operated 4-wheelers only.

Push & Pull factors for EV Industry in India

Whenever any industry is in its nascent phase it faces different challenges and these challenges, mostly depends on the country, its policies and the mindset of the people. So, let’s quickly get to know what TATA Motors think about this.

Push Factors for EV Industry

Trade deficit and Petroleum Energy deficiency:

Importing petroleum from other countries puts a high financial impact on the country today. Above and all continuously varying crude oil prices in International market is another challenge.

Increasing pollution level:

Cities like Delhi NCR and other northern area faces critical air pollution in 5 to 6 months in a year of time. Air quality index figures are such higher that enough to make you sleepless.

Strong EV demand expected in India:

One of the survey gives very positive figures about the demand of electric vehicles in India. Where 87% of Indians are open to choose the EV as their next vehicle at the same time it gives a clear vision of the government’s goal of 30% India’s EV aspiration by 2030.

Government Support:

Indian government earlier came with FAME-I under that scheme 1000 Cr rupees allotted for the EVs subsidy, but recently in FAME-II scheme this budget is increased by 10 times more. Now, Rs. 10,000 Cr sanctions from the Indian government to make bring the EVs to market at affordable price and also to build the EV eco-system in India. GST rates on EVs are also cut from 12% to 05% recently.

Pull Factors in Indian EV Industry

Some factors are there which are creating hinderance into the growth of EV industry in India and that need to be understood by every player working in this industry. As per TATA Motors some of the major players are listed below-

Battery pack of EV and other factors affecting from it

Cost of EV:

We can check the recent launches world of Europe and US (Ford Mustang Mach E, Volkswagen ID3, Mazda MX30, MG ZS EV and including the Lexus UX 300e. These all are priced so high that in India people will think 100 times before going for those. As per a recent survey- People in Indians are ready to pay 25 to 30% more for the EV over ICE vehicle cost. But not more than that.

Range anxiety:

Now one full tank of petrol or diesel gives us the milage of 350km to 450km in any 4-wheeler and that is the reason our mind is tuned to accept only that much of kilometer range from any EVs. But the survey says Indian drives only on an average 30 km a day, which is far less than the full tank milage. We occasionally drive for a long tour. So, TATA Motor thought if they could provide the battery range of over 300 km then it will take care both the continuous- people mindset to have more range and also to address the actual driving situations. So, TATA Nexon comes here with the 300+ km battery range.

Charging Infrastracture:

This is the one of the major concerns, but we need to be clear on this point that every electric vehicle coming in Indian market are all can be charged at home also. Those all supports the charging from 15 amp power socket. Parallel TATA Motors and other companies are building the charging infrastructure in the country.

Uncertainty around it:

This problem of uncertainty is not new. It comes with any new technology. It takes time for people to get used to this new technology. There are also many misconceptions related to the EVs in Indian market. Like- EV are not powerful like any ICE Vehicle, it doesn’t have good range, low gradeability, high cost, un-reliable technology and many more. So, I can tell you that only with approx 20 numbers of parts the electric Powertrain is far more reliable, powerful and better than any ICE Powertrain. Similarly the EVs are superior than ICE vehicles.

Limited choices available:

Now its emerging and industry is growing that is the reason we Indian have now only limited option even when we decided to consider an EV as our new/next vehicle. Till now in India only few electric cars are there in the market- Tata Tigor EV, Mahindra e2o+, Hyundai Kona EV, Mahindra eVarito, MG ZS EV and the recently unveiled the TATA Nexon EV. So, hopefully we Indians are going to see many more electric cars in the market by the end of 2020.

GUENTER BUTSCHEK, CEO and Managing Director unveiled the Nexon EV on stage:

  • TATA Motots unveiled Nexon EV on 19 December 2019.
  • Booking start from 20th December 2019.
  • Booking amount is Rs. 21,000/- only.
  • Booking can be done online as well as through the TATA Dealers.
  • Final Launch will be in by January 2020.
  • Expected price announced by TATA Motor is in between 15 – 17 Lakhs.
TATA Motor Nexon charging socket

Tata Nexon EV building philosophy

Company has considered each and every point which could increase the acceptability of the new electric SUV, awesome ownership experience, the value of money and reliability. During the unveiling TATA Motors on these points and told them the basis blocks for the new Nexon EV-

  • Accessible to mainstream Indian Customers
  • Practical Range
  • Performance
  • Pease of mind
  • Durable and safe
  • Made for Indian market
  • Seamless charging experience

So, considering all the above points TATA Motors decided to make the first electric SUV by only doing next level of improvements in its iconic TATA Nexon. Which is well reliable and SUV in the Indian market.

Nexon EV Variants

Although the Nexon EV is going to be around 25 to 30% costlier than regular Nexon, TATA Motors has tried to make this electric SUV affordable. Three different variants have own as we move towards it upper variants it offers more features including its other lower variants. Lower variant is ‘Nexon EV XM’ which offers all the necessary features like auto climate control, two different drive modes- Drive & Sports.

Fully Automatic Climate ControlContrast dual-tone roof colourSunroof
Automatic Transmission with Drive and Sport Mode16 inch diamond cut alloy wheelsPremium leatherette seats
Dual Airbags|ABS with EBD7 inch touch screen infotainmentAutomatic rain sensing wipers
Telematics AppCamera based reverse park assistAutomatic headlamps
Keyless Entry & Push Button StartLeather wrapped steering wheel

Every variant provide the same room space inside like ICE Nexon. All the fit and finish is good enough to impress anyone. Bold and Confident stylish design brings some unique and noticable changes with it.

Tata Nexon Global NCAP 5* safety rated build quality is also provided in the new Nexon EV and its exhilarating performance will never let you down on the road.

Nexon EV powered by ZIPTRON Technology

  • Electric Motor
    3 Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
    Peak Power: 129 PS
    Maximum Torque: 245 NM
  • Battery Capacity
    Li-ion Battery: 30.2 kWh

In September-2019 only TATA Motors unveiled its state of art new ZIPTRON technology.

While unveiling Mr. Guenter Butschek, CEO & MD, Tata Motors said,
“We are proud to present this state-of-art technology brand – ZIPTRON, which has been designed in-house while utilizing our global engineering network. At the heart of our future EV line-up, this technology will deliver a thrilling driving experience to our customers aspiring to go-green. Rigorously tested across 1 million kms, ZIPTRON technology is well proven, advanced and reliable. With this technology, we hope to usher in a new wave of eMobility in India and accelerate faster adoption of EVs, supporting the Government’s vision.”

eMotor and Gearbox of Nexon electric SUV

TATA Motor Nexon electric motor

The Nexon electric SUV has been tested more than 01 million kilometers of different terrain exposed in different weather conditions. The powerful 3 Phase, Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor provides peak output of 129 PS and a torque of 245 NM.

Battery-pack of Nexon EV

Ziptron Technology
TATA Motor ZipTron Technology (Battery Pack)

Nexon EV comes with 30.2 kWh Lithium-ion battery which TATA Motors claims to give the range of more than 300 km. This Li-ion battery is the part of TATA Motors state of art electric Powertrain ZIPTRON Technology.

Other features of Tata Nexon EV

Tata Nexon EV can be driven in two different modes. Drive mode and Sports mode with 60% additional torque and power delivery. 34% restart Gradeability and 205 mm ground clearance makes this SUV capable to take on any hilly terrain.

Hill Ascent, Descent, AssistSmart and Battery regeneration as per Indian road conditions are the some special feature in Nexon EV. 7 inch TFT infotainment system in the center of the dashboard provides a better experience with more than 30 connecting features. The dedicated mobile application has also a unique feature to make your driving experience more joyful.

Running cost of Nexon EV is less than one rupee per kilometer and 1/5 of the running cost of any other ICE SUV available in the market. Thanks to the ZIPTRON technology, which needs very low maintenance and have long life.
IP67 rated high energy density Li-ion battery is water and dust proof. Along with IP67 the Nexon EV battery is AIS-048 which make it more durable. Battery get charged 80% in 8 hrs even with the 15 amp slow AC charger.

Price, Booking & Delivery

TATA Nexon EV Booking
Tata Nexon EV booking window (Image source: TATA Motors)

Tata Motor stated that the price of Nexon EV would be in the range of 15L to 17L. During the unveiling event on 19th December Mr. Guenter Butschek made the announcement regarding the booking of Nexon EV. And the booking is open today (20th December). One can pre-book the Nexon EV with the amount of Rs. 21,000/- only. You can visit the official page or directly to any TATA Motor dealer to book now. Final launch and delivery is expected to start in the last January of 2020.


This use to be a major point for the marketing as well as for the customer. As the electric vehicle is completely new in India so people are not sure about its quality and durability. Where more than 40% of a vehicle’s cost is due to the high density Li-ion battery at the same time the reliability of the electric motor is a main concern. I think TATA Motor has addressed this problem quite well this time. Reliable Ziptron technology gives freedom to rely on the Nexon EV and it comes with a very satisfactory warranty period. Electric Motor and the battery comes will the 1,60,000 km or 08 years of warranty.