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Taiwan is leading in Battery Swapping Network with Gogoro

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Gogoro swapping tech- EVs charging is no more an issue in Taiwan:

Just in 06 seconds battery swapping on go…
Some European countries as well as China is already right now at next level in EVs market. Where China is now in the race to dominate the world in Li-ion battery market at the same time the European countries as well as the US is now developing the EV technology and advance manufacturing techniques. While working for one of the luxury car manufacturer of German brand I got the chance to know about the actual market scenario and current development status of EVs for European market. Probably by 2025 we would get those German technology in India and it’s all due to their high design, development & testing costs for new technology.
India has now open market to learn from and to implement the same idea to minimize the time to make EVs affordable.

What is next :  

Currently only few companies have developed the automotive battery technology and made it feasible for the high range of series production. In 2018, more electric cars were produced in China than rest of the world combined. And high-density Li-ion battery manufacturing hub is also china. China is also largest producer for “Li”. Now world is depending on the Arab countries for the petroleum and in same way it seems that for the battery which is used in electric vehicle will make whole world depend on China only. Chinese government has spent nearly $60 billion in last decade for electric vehicle market.
Image credit : Gogoro

Battery charging time is major issue now:

The major issue why people are not aggressively going for EVs in India is the lack of charging stations. Some companies have started installing their charging station already in major cities and some companies are also promising their customer for ‘On go battery swapping’ facility. In this field Taiwan has already expended network dedicated 24×7.

Taiwanese Electric Vehicle company has solution for it:

Gogoro battery swapping station
Gogoro Battery Swapping Station
Taiwan, officially the Republic of China, is a state in East Asia. Gogoro is a Taiwan based company focused on integrating the latest in innovation technology with energy management, smart mobility and connectivity. It has already sold 160,000 of its electric scooters since they were launched in 2011. Now they have very larger network of battery swapping facility at more than 1302 places in Taiwan. Now Gogoro has announced its manufacturing partners – Yamaha , Aeon Motor and PGO. Now Taiwan’s people will have wide range of electric 2 wheelers to choose among them to take facility of Gogoro’s large battery exchange network.

About the Gogoro: 

Gogoro is Taiwan based electric 2-wheeler company and they manufacture the battery also by themselves. Gogoro has clean, intelligent, instantly accessible energy available at more than 1302 locations in Taiwan. They have built the world’s most advanced battery swapping platform.

Specialty of Gogoro:

Swap and Go in 06 seconds. Open 24 hours.
– NFC enabled and digitally managed, everything from accounts to payment can be managed through robust back-end system.
– Batteries having automotive grade Li-ion battery cells.
– Battery tracks and stores riding data.
– Battery is rugged and element proof.
– Battery range is 110 kms.

Conclusion :

Yamaha has found a way at right time to spread his network in Taiwan. Gogoro will also receive benefit from this agreement to manufacture Yamaha’s electric bike in it’s manufacturing facility in Taiwan because the customer would be having exposure of Japanese brand also so indirectly all are going to use the Gogoro networks for battery swapping on go.

My words :

Indian electric vehicle manufacturer as well as battery supplier can think over this idea to make the use of EVs reliable in Indian market as well.