Charlotte Smith, giving personal ‘EV Thank You’ note to EV owners and driver

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The story of a school girl who inspired from her science paper and became a protagonist of EVs around the world

EV Thank You
Charlotte Smith

EV Thank You: Generally it takes time for all of us to take out some practical knowledge out of our school books. Or sometimes we relate the current situation with the information what we read in our school time subject book. But this was not the case with Charlotte Smith. She was just 10, studying in St Alphege Church of England Junior School, Solihull (England).

Turning point

Charlotte was trying to figure out why she kept getting the bad cough whenever she walk around the back of any vehicle. She decided to do some research. For the same purpose she chose to work on a primary school science project in her school. That time she was just 10 year old.

With the help of her father, Charlotte accumulated all the data related to the air-pollution, its cause and impact on society. She completed the science project on the topic of “Benefit of Electric Vehicles” and submitted in school.

‘EV Thank You’ Campaign

She gathered the relevant information and learnt about EVs and its contribution to make environment green. But it not ended here. She decided to reach out those people who owns EV or drive the same. The aim was not to villainise the non-electric car drivers, but to thank those who have already made the change.

The idea of ‘EV Thank You’ Card

EV Thank You Card
Charlotte Smith

She came up with the idea of own designed and plastic laminated ‘EV Thank You’ card. Beautifully designed card shows how a wise mind takes care of the lungs and heart. Happy mind – lungs – heart are the symbol which says ‘thank you’ to every electric vehicle owner and driver.

A message on the ‘EV Thank You’ card

” Thank you for Choosing an all Electric Vehicle!
You’ve helped children, like myself, to breathe easier and avoid long term illnesses.

Such as: Stunted lung development, Cancer.

Charlotte Smith
EV Thank You Message (Credit: Charlotte Smith)

The journey started from London and continuing till now

Now the Charlotte Smith is 13, and she already travelled many places UK and outside UK to share her heartfelt thanks to thousands of EVs owner/drivers. In last more than one and half year she travelled thousands of miles in Europe and gave ‘EV Thank You’ card to thousands of people. Additionally, that she visited in rural Africa to see the solar powered homes.

A father- best supporter

She gets support from her father and travels always along with him. Both have travelled Oslo, where they handed out 513 cards in just 36 hours. Charlotte’s father Steven, 53, who earlier worked as a software engineer at Jaguar Land Rover headquarters in Warwickshire (a county in the West Midlands region of England). But in the year 2018 he left the job and said “Charlotte is the only person doing this and it’s turned into a bit of a full-time job.”

Charlotte’s father said, “I think it is so special as nowadays people don’t get a free thank you – there is always something attached to it. It’s lovely to see the surprise on people‘s faces when Charlotte hands them this thank you card for doing something that they may not have even thought about.”

My Words for Charlotte Smith

Charlotte said in an interview for the eveningtelegraph (UK): “A lot of the time parents don’t think about these things until you point out that it will affect their children in the future. If people switch to electric cars they are reducing their emissions and making the air better for their children.”

The story of Charlotte Smith is very inspiring, not because she is addressing a specific group in society, but because she is the one who brings smile to many faces and make them realize that how they are helping children to breathe easier and avoid long term illnesses. There are million of young people who can take a lesson from this story.

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Charlotte Smith

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