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Renault Captur Plug-in Hybrid (EV) version in India

Renault CAPTUR Plug-in Hybrid
Renault CAPTUR Plug-in Hybrid (E-TECH)

The Renault CAPTUR Plug-in Hybrid: The Captur – stylish second-gen SUV from Renault, which created its own footprints in European market and brings laurels to the Renault Group is all set to emit less emission and will be available in hybrid variant as well.

Good news for SUVs and EVs lover, the Renault Captur is upgraded to plug-in-hybrid variant as well and was showcased in Frankfurt motor show 2019. After selling more than the millions of IC’e cars in the last six years, this will be the first hybrid vehicle of Renault. Interestingly, the Captur is the only car in this segment available in PHEV variant. The car will start its selling in European market very soon.

Renault CAPTUR Plug-in Hybrid

Talking about its design, the Captur look is refreshing and redesigned. Though it is based on Renault Clio, but it is bigger than that. You also find the some design elements from the Renault Megane, which makes it stylish and sophisticated SUV. The car offers high riding/driving position and like mini SUV. The company aims customers belonging to any small families and city commuter.

‘New CAPTUR Hybrid’ Vs ‘CAPTUR 2019’

Compared to last year design, the new Renault CAPTUR is more light, Redefined Body curves adds aerodynamically stability and giving better look to the car. It is Quitter and more efficient than before. Almost 75 % new parts including body panels- have been modified or redesigned.  It has retained its Renault signature lamp, -c-shaped DRL’s at the front and almost minimalistic signature LED lamps at the rear gives it distinctive attractive look. The customer can add chrome finish to make it bolder any time.

Renault CAPTUR Plug-in Hybrid

The new Ranult CAPTUR has a longer wheelbase now and 11 cm longer than its previous model (4228 mm). Because of increase in wheelbase,  trunk space has increased to 536 liters (81 liters more than old model). Rear seat legroom has increased by 17mm and front seat bases are 15 mm longer now.

Color combination which it offers results into 90 different possible color schemes. Company has given more freedom to the customers to make their color combination. You can choose single tone or dual tone depending on your taste. There are so many arrangements which you can make. The hood line and belt-line are higher than before and additionally the new roof bars gives it more stylish and SUV like look.

It is based on CMF-B platform of Renault- Nissan. As per Renault Experts: it will improve underbody aerodynamics to reduce emission.

What feature car offers to its end-users?

Renault CAPTUR Plug-in Hybrid Interior
Renault CAPTUR Plug-in Hybrid Interior (Image courtesy: AUTOEXPRESS)

Its interior reflects the Renault upscale level in the automotive industry. Floating Centre console or flying console- has an electronic shifter. It is elevated little bit for better ergonomics and creating more space underneath for storage. The 9.3-inch tilted Display is very big and set in such a way that it is easily accessible to the driver. The company also offers fully digital instrumental dashboard, Bose audio system, 360-degree parking camera, active rear vehicle detection and many more features.

The ‘E-TECH’ Powertrain

Renault Capture E-Tech technology
Renault CAPTUR E-Tech technology (Source: Group RENAULT)

The same hybrid Powertrain (hybrid engine+battery) which Renault offers in new Clio will be used here. In Renault terminology, this isE-TECH plug-in” system. It combines 1.6-liter petrol engine with two electric motors and modest 9.8 kWh battery which provides output equivalent to 150 HP. You also get a multi-mode clutch-less gearbox (for the hybrid transmission). It ensures the greater energy efficiency during shifting.

Renault CAPTUR Plug-in Hybrid Engine
Renault CAPTUR Plug-in Hybrid Engine

This hybrid engine is also having a particle filter which will reduce emission and making it eco-friendly car.

Renault CAPTUR Plug-in Hybrid Range

Distance range is 45 km in fully EV mode,  up to 83 miles on mixed up cycle and 65 km in urban use. So, charge your battery every evening, and that’s enough for the whole week city ride. For a longer drive, when electric range has reached, you can continue to go by opting hybrid mode. i.e. Gasoline engine power. So, no need to worry about that also. You will get all-electric starting means higher acceleration.

Charging your Renault CAPTUR Plug-in Hybrid

The Renault CAPTUR battery can be charged with the 3 kW on-board charger. The charging mode 2 is available for the ordinary domestic sockets and Mode 3 for charging stations. Expecting a 3-5 hours charge time using a regular plug socket.

Renault CAPTUR Plug-in Hybrid Price

Price of the new plug-in hybrid CAPTUR has not revealed yet. But yes, it’s price in other countries is about €32,575. So, if the Renault CAPTUR comes to India then we can expect it at the price range of INR 25L to 30L. Overall, this is a good car offers all the features, meeting future demands and eco-friendly. This car is for all. Hopefully this model will help in the growth of the company in China and India. As we all know that the earlier IC Engine based Renault CAPTUR could not do much in India, but this can be the stepping stone and lucky draw for Renault in Indian market if they will launch it in India too.

Let’s check Renault CAPTUR position in the market

Renault is already leading in electric vehicle market worldwide and along with Captur, Renault has Clio and Megane in its bucket list of hybrid cars. RENAULT is also working on low budget pure electric range, Renault K-ZE (electric version of Renault kwid) already launched in china. Twizy, Zoe, Kangoo Z.E. and Master Z.E are the pure electric vehicle of Renault already in the European market.

The xEVs from the other brands

TOYOTA RAV 4 hybrid, Chrysler PACIFICA hybrid, TOYOTA Highlander hybrid, Subaru Crosstrek hybrid, Nissan Rogue Hybrid, Ford Escape hybrid, Ford Explorer hybrid, Mercedes EQC, Audi e-tron, KIA e-niro, Hyundai KONA and Jaguar I-PACE are already available in the market. The list is so long, and every automaker is trying to give its best in this changing phase of the automotive industry. Even the 2020 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid returns to California. Lexus hybrid es300h already in India.

So, the Hybrid CAPTUR will be an another interesting car Renault brand. If the price set would be economical then this car can be the best-selling HYBRID SUV in its segment in the European market.

How Renault is targeting Indian consumers for new xEVs technologies?

Plug-in Hybrid car future
The Plug-In Hybrid market will grow with time

Renault EV’s market worldwide is mind blowing and Renault has given hint to launch its most popular Electric Vehicle ZOE after unveiling it during 14th Auto expo in Delhi. The company is waiting for proper infrastructure to support EV’S in India.

Renault K-ZE electric which was launched in China can come to India if the market will be favorable for EV’s in India.

The Renault CAPTUR sales in India is worst, so to win Indian customer heart, the CAPTUR can be launched in INDIA to utilize its outer body, in hybrid variant and can give new wings to it.

Interested to know more about the technology: Renault CAPTUR Plug-in Hybrid technology – Watch the video below:
Source: Gustavo Henrique Ruffo

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