AI enabled ‘Revolt’ India’s 1st electric Bike – Rolled out from assembly line. Ready to reach its customer

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 Revolt RV400

(Risk taken to do something in favor of Green Environment)

June’18-2019, On this day in the capital of India there was special day for bike enthusiasts. The exact location was – The Pullman Hotels and Resorts, Aerocity Delhi. A huge event was organized to show the India’s first electric bike to the people and media. Youtuber, Tech-reviewer, Technical content writer, bike enthusiasts along with other special personalities were present in the event.

Mr. Rahul Shama Micromax’s co-founder and former CEO, now started a new journey and established the Revolt Motors.

He unveiled the bike on the stage. As usual two biker came on the stage from the back side but this time something was unique. Both can be seen doing the stunt and that with new electric bike Revolt 400. This was unique in a lot of manners. All the people and media were so excited to capture whole features of the bike and the same day by evening new papers and YouTube channels were flooded with the bike reviews videos.
So, that bike’s 1st unit rolled out from the assembly line on 08.08.2019 and founder and CEO of the Revolt motors shared the image on social media platform.
    Image Source : Rahul Sharma Twitter
So, Let’s know some facts about this bike – Revolt 400:
Launch Date: 18th June 2019
Launch location: AEROCITY Delhi
Start of booking: 25th June 2019 from Amazon or company’s website.
Booking amount: Rs 1000/-
Available location: Deliveries will start at Delhi and Pune first followed by NCR, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and other cities.
Delivery date: 28th August 2019
Cost: 1 to 1.20 Lakhs (expected)

 Image credit : Forbes

Bike Specifications:

Top speed : 85km/h in sport mode.
Driving range : 156 kms per charge (certified by ARAI)
Exhaust sound : Can be changed with mobile software. 04 options available – Revolt , Roar , Rage, Rebel.
Bike will be equivalent to 125cc bike available in market.
Charging time : Approx. 04 hours.


All LED lighting.
Fully digital instrument console.
Push button ignation.
4G connectivity
 Bolt-on sub-frame 
USD Fork , monoshock
Disck brake.
Security features: Secure the bike with ‘Geo Fence’. Just set the desired perimeter through the mobile application and you can restrict your bike to go outside the set perimeter.

Aim of the REVOLT MOTOR:

To provide the sustanable and affordable mobility to every home in India.

People opinion:

Till now in India only few local and international players were there with their electric scooter but yes Revolt is the 1st in bike segment. Specification and battery range is attractive but final pricing also matters a lot. Comapny is making delay in price disclose as well as in the bike deliveries. Probably its all due to the government recent scheme of FAME II. People are expecting that the Revolt Motors will come up with very attractive pricing with the help of FAME II scheme.


Feasibility of marketing strategies:

Within the few weeks only the booking crosses to 2500 units. Well during the 1st showcase of the bike company had not reviled its price. Time was given to 07th August for the same. But again, this timeline got extended, and company has not reviled the bike price yet. Now one side the electric scooter market is growing but other side none of the manufacturing was looking to launch the electric bike. So, this was the open scope to take advantage of time and market. Revolt Motors is doing the same. If price kept under 1Lakh then this will definitely change the perspective for the electric bike in market and people will very much appreciate it.

Imapct on 2-wheeler market: 

It’s a new move and definitly other 2-wheeler manufacturers will also jump into this area and will launch some more vehicle. There may be little bit delay in acceptance from the market for electric bike but now government’s vision is also very much clear which will help the electric bike to gain its position in market. 

My words:

Something is happening new and in favor of green environment. New entrepreneurs are thinking about it and taking risk to promote the EVs and we should also participate in this move.
One aspect of looking this technology may be that it is inspired from Soco Bikes.
Soco Bikes is the Shanghai based electric motorcycle developer and Revolt 400 is very much similar to the Soco TS.Well whatever be the matter of originality of product but this Soco TS is called the output for real engineering and if Revolt 400 is brought out from the China or inspired from that Soco brand then there should not be any issue into it.