Emflux Motor – A startup and story of a dream!

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Emflux Motors:

(A startup which is 1st in its kind – Dream to make an electric sports bike which can compete with existing 600cc petrol bike)

Indian government fueled the dreams of those who wanted to do something or eager to make difference in the life of others. So many startup story can be heard here and there among them one is the “Emflux Motors” –

Company Intorduction :

Emflux Motors was founded in 2016 by technology Enthusiasts who believed in the potential of Electric technology to completely change the landscape of the transportation and mobility.

Mission :

To empower 10 Million electric two wheeler’s in India by 2027 with two -pronged market focus- firstly build brand and loyalty by producing high- performance electric motorcycle and secondly create an ecosystem of partner OEMs to whom we will become the technology and component supplier.
Location : Bangalore

Founder Mambers:


Imflux Motors has only showcased their one model named as  – ‘Emflux One’. First of all it was unveiled in AutoExpo 2018 Delhi.

Specification Emflux One:


Frame – Tubular steel trellis
Subframe – Tubular steel trellis
Swingarm – Single sided tubular steel rellis            


Front – 43 Upside down forks
Rear – 46mm Mono gas shock              


Front Brakes – Dual 300mm disc with Brembo monoblock 4 piston radially mounted calipers
Rear Brakes – Single 220mm disc with Brembo fixed caliper
ABS – Dual channel ABS
9.7 KWh Samsung Li-ion battery
Charging Time : 80% in 36 minutes from WARP Charger & 3 hrs from regular 15A wall charger
Cooling system : Air cooled
IP Rating : IP 67
Peak Torque : 84 Nm (Limited to 75 Nm from the controller)
Peak Power : 60 kW (Limited to 53 kW (71hp) from the controller)
Type : 3 Phase AC induction with Liquid cooling
IP Rating : IP 67
Primary Reduction- 58:19
Final Drive – 45T/15T Chain Drive
Transmission – Direct Drive
Top Speed – 200 Km/h
0-100 Km/h -3.0 seconds
City Range – 200 Km
Highway Range – 150 Km@80 Kmph
Battery Warranty – 100000 Km/5 years
Motorcycle Warranty – 100000 Km/5 years

Future Plans:

Company is having plan to launch this bike in limited quantity only. Planned volume is 499 numbers only. Out of which 199 will be sold in India and 300 numbers are set for export. It is expected that company will launch this bike in the 1st quarter of 2020. Estimated price of base model is 06 lakhs and for top model is 11 lakhs Indian rupees. 

My Words:

Indian electric vehicle market is still in the nascent stage. Specially for the electric bike there are only few companies planning for this. Emflux One is the start in of new technology in sports category bike. Here we need to see the product reliability once product launched and how company is providing the servicing for these electric sports bike. Both the things will matter here because price is also little bit high for the 1st phase of launch.