Emflux Motor will come into market with electric sports naked bikes

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Emflux Motors teased two new naked electric sports bikes on occasion of Independence Day.

Emflux Motors is a Bangalore based Indian startup that working of on the design, development and production of electric sports bike since 2016. In Auto Expo 2018 company has also showcased the proto version of 1st electric sports bike designed in-house. The bike named as – “Emflux One“. I have already posted an article on ‘Emflux One’.
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Emflux two comes after Emflux one:

On 15th August 2019, Emflux Motors released the teaser image without giving much details for it.
Company released this naked bikes teaser image on their social networking websites – FacebookLinkedIn and Instagram.
Emflux Two and Emflux Two+ electric bike from Emflux Motors
Here, company has not revealed much about the bike specifications but yes one thing is clear that company has long term strategy to match with the new generation interest related to sports bike. These both are naked bikes.

Current Indian Bike manufacturer Design strategy:

Kawasaki z1000 naked headlamp design
Indian bike enthusiasts’ interest is somewhat towards the naked design of bikes. Bike manufacturers also understanding the current market needs and launching the naked version of their existing bike models in India. For example currently there are many  naked bike available in India like – Yahama MT-15, KTM-250 Duke, Yamaha MT-09, KTM-290 Duke, Kawasaki Z1000 and upcoming bike KTM Duke-790. Even though the price for these naked bikes are higher as compared to it’s regular models but bike enthusiasts are taking hand to hand. So, considering the market demand Emflux Motors has really taken good move to come up into electric bike market with 2 different design of sports bike.

Specification of Emflux Two & Two+:

Although the company has not revealed much about the new bikes but yes one thing is clear from the social media posts that- these two new beasts will be from the same gene pool as the Emflux One. In teaser image these both the bikes looks so funky, attractive and very impressive sporty. Probably these street fighter will also be Brembo breaks. Two+ will be equipped with more powerful electric motor and battery as compared to base variant Emflux Two.
Emflux Two: Maximum speed – 160kmph , and total battery range -160kms
Emflux Two+: Maximum speed – 180kmph , and total battery range -200kms

Response from the market:

As per the Emflux Motors mainly there are 2 question which repeatedly came from the market and these are-
1) Why is the Emflux One taking so long to release?
2) Will Emflux make more affordable bikes for everyone to buy?
So, company has also given response for these two question and in the answer of first question company person writes- Emflux is looking after all the problems which came across the development of the Emflux One. Company wants to deliver a very good product which can match with the international safety standards and that completely designed in India only. It’s easy to just borrow the parts from other supplier and fit into it to get ready a electric bike but Emflux just want to deliver a very high quality electric sports bike which will be completely made in India so that we can also have proud to own that bike. Emflux has chosen to develop every single Mechanical, Electrical and Design components by themselves. So, It seems that company will be ready with the Emflux One by the start of 2021.
                         In the answer to the second question related to affordable bike, company the company person writes – Emflux will be always known as premium brand of electric sports bikes and will not drop below a certain category of motorcycle. But Emflux Motors has given indication that company will go into selling some affordable electric motorcycle through it’s sister company or through the other OEM by providing them the Emflux parts and technology in future.
Emflux One

Emflux One Specification-

Top speed- 200 km/h
Battery range- 200 Kms (City) , 150Kms@80Kmph

My Words:

In my opinion Emflux Motors is the only startup in the India working on electric high end sports bike. Even though there are a lot many companies are involve into the electric motorcycle but all are importing battery and electrical components like Motor, Motor controller and other electric modules from the China or other country. Emflux have very dedicated team and good investors working since 2016 to deliver India a completely ‘made in India’ high standard product. Company has also going to have some other new attractive model (Emflux Two and Two+). So, we as consumer should appreciate their effort and decision and now we need to set our mind that at least there is one startup company which will deliver a very reliable and good product to us in coming future.
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