Hero Electric extended their electric scooter variants, launched two new e-scooters

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Hero Electric improved battery capacity and mileage of newly launched electric scooters
Hero Electric is  fully focused on business of electric scooter and cycle manufacturing in India. It’s been more than 10 years since in 2007 to 2009 company developed its 1st electric scooter and launched it. Now today company has launched it ER segment of scooters. Here ER stands for the ‘Extended Range’. Basically company has increased the battery capacity and mileage of it’s existing two different models- Optima and NYX.

Company understood the market requirements:

There were all 9 variants of electric scooters in Hero Electric portfolio but maximum range on full charge of the battery was only 80 kms (Photon 72 & Photon 48). These mentioned range was justified only when there in single person on the scooter. In daily use and depending upon the road and traffic conditions this 80 kms range was not fulfilling the customer’s need. Hero electric was also receiving this feedback from the market and worked upon it. Being a old player of Indian market understood that now competition has increased because of some other players in the market like Okinawa, Ampere Vehicles , Ather Energy, Avan Motors, Techo Electra

New Scooters details:

Hero electric launched –
1) Optima ER
Hero Electric Optima ER and NYX ER launched with extended battery range

The Ex. Showroom price for Optima ER is Rs. 68721/- and NYX ER is Rs. 69754/- (as per Delhi). Optima ER can go upto 100 kms on a single charge and NYX ER has a range of 110 kms per charge. Maximum speed for these both scooters are 45kmph. Hero Electric has used double Li-ion batteries to extend the range of existing Optima and NYX scooters. By these change now company match the current market requirements.

Electric Scooter’s main components:

Well, I think everyone would be aware of the basic components (engine , cvt gearbox, etc.) of a petrol operated scooter but electric automotive segment in India is still on its nascent stage. Here is the image which represents the main components and it’s placement in the electric scooter-
Image Credit: Hero Electric
Battery: Battery used in Hero Electric scooters are Li-ion light weight portable battery. 48V/20Ah, 48V/28Ah or 72V/26Ah Li-ion rechargeable battery is used in these scooters from Hero Electric.
Hero Electric Scooter Li-ion portable battery

Motor: 250W/600W/1200W/1800W BLDC hub motor is used in the rear wheel to give motion to the wheels. Motor takes DC current and converter change it to AC current for motor operation.

Converter: Converter is a device used comes into role when we put the battery in charge. From the home electric socket we provide the AC current but battery is charged with DC only. Then converter convert that AC current into DC current and vice versa when required.
Controller: Controller or say it motor-controller is responsible for the smooth operation of the electric motor. It understands the load coming on the motor either from the road and tyre side or from the driver. It works like ECU used into conventional vehicles.

Junction Box: From its name only it’s functionality is clear. Here one can find out all the electrical connection points.

MCB: MCB- Miniature Circuit Breaker comes into role when there is high voltage issue due to electrical circuit failure or in case battery charging socket is attached to high voltage (out of the permissible limit) source. MCB maintain the safety  into the electric circuit.

Customer and Company:

Hero Motors always been listing to it’s customers. Company has recently open it’s office in Bangalore for better reach with the south part of the country. With currently launched ‘ER’ variants company is targeting the office/college going person as well as the delivery service partners associated with courier, food or any parcel services. Optima ER with 100 km range will suit for daily office or college commute and NYX ER with 110 km range will be perfect partner for the deliveries services. Hero Scooters products are also comes under the government’s FAME II scheme. 
Representation Image: Electric Scooters stand

Dilemma in decision making:

Where the all electric scooters in the market is available at same price as compare to conventional petrol one. Hero Electric and other companies have really created a very competitive market but customer is still in dilemma to purchase the electric scooter. The main reason it seem that the performance of these scooters. Speed of these scooter is too low as well as the acceleration is also not attractive. Some of the e-scooters (Hero Flash La) are there in market with maximum speed of 25 kph. This type of performance customers only expect from the bicycle not form the electric scooters. So, electric scooter manufacturing companies must look into this and should raise the specification high by utilizing the advance technology and maintain the price by mass production.

MY Words:

In India we can see there are so many startups involved into the production of electric scooter and some of them have came with very good products. For Hero Electric – This market was like blue ocean earlier but now situation is changing rapidly. So, to cope-up with the current market demand and as per available product company need to come up with improved version of battery range and performance. There are a lot of scope for the improvement. Optima ER and NYX ER match with the requirement but not for very long time. So, I am expecting few more launches from the Hero Electric.

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