HERO DASH Electric Scooter launched at introductory price of 62K

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came back into market in electric version

Hero DASH (Center)_A Electric Scooter Launched 

The History Of  Dash model:

Dash Model was first show cased during the AutoExpo 2014. Scooter was launched under the brand “Hero MotoCorp.” and it was having petrol engine. Stylish and very attractive this Hero Dash was liked by maximum of visitor whose eyes catches that scooter at AutoExpo 2014 venue. Later, Hero MotoCorp. launched that DASH model in Srilanka where it was treated as premium scooter because company has made so many advance changes into the scooter. We Indian got this DASH model with different name called – Mastro Edge. It was the first brand new scooter after separation from the HONDA and it helped HERO to make it position in 2 wheelers market.

Hero Dash (Petrol) specification:

All new features of HERO DASH (Petrol)
Engine: Petrol
Capacity: 110.9 cc
Power: 8.4 PS
Torque: 8.3 Nm
Acceleration: 0-60 kmph in 9.6 seconds
Top Speed: 84 kmph
               The Hero Dash was more masculine than its rivals. Some notable features are shown in above image like-
Sportier vinyls compared to the Maestro Edge.
Integrated braking system and tubeless power.
Anti-theft immobilizer system.
Light and Mobile USB charging point in storage area under the seat.
Titanium-colored chunky motorcycle like exhaust.

All about the New Hero Dash Electric

Hero DASH electric scooter under the brand Hero Electric is launched today. Two other scooters which were launched last week under the ER (Extended Range) last week.

Hero Dash (Electric) specification:

Company uses 48v 28Ah Li-ion battery.
Charging time: 4 hours
Range: 60 kms (at single full charge)
Ground clearance: 145mm
Scooter is fitted with LED DRL’s LED headlights, digital instrument cluster,
USB mobile charging port,
Tubeless tyre,
dual tone body colour and remote boot opening.
Launch price is only Rs. 62,000/-
   Well, battery range is not so high but during launch this scooter was showcased with Hero Optima and Nyx ER variant. Check the specification of these two scooters on this page.

Company’s strategy to launch series of Electric Scooters:

Where every manufacturer is struggling to sell the diesel and petrol vehicle in market and in last month the automotive market is also recorded sales of motorcycles dropped 19% to 933,996 units, while scooter sales fell 12% to 526,504 units. 4-wheeler market is also facing same problem. But other hand Hero Electric keep launching one after another in same month. Actually, every manufacturer who has faced the past challenges in the market knows very well that downtime is only there for a short period of time. The right businessman take the benefit of weak time and put the bricks to make a new home for the future. On this philosophy companies make their strategy. Even in slow down other manufacturer like Mahindra, Tata, Maruti Suzuki have announced there upcoming EV vehicle. So, even it’s not clear in the customers mind but manufacturers known the market situations and doing planning/ new vehicle launch accordingly to maintain their profit launching news vehicles.

Future demand of Electric Scooter

Many startups are working on this segment and so many other scooter brands are ready with their scooter. To take the India towards complete EVs world, 2-wheelers will make good contribution after the 3-wheelers. So, the demand of the electric scooter will definitely increase in future.
My Words:
The Hero Dash is a premium looking scooter. All the necessary features are also offered with this scooter but company need to improved the battery range. 65kms on paper will definitely reduce in actual day to day use. So, where other competitors are bringing so powerful quick charging battery with new electric scooter on same place this HERO DASH will loose its popularity in coming future (I believe).