Only 5 minutes to full charge. Singapore based SHADO Group launched electric 3-wheeler ‘Erick’ in India

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Targeting to capture the market with high tech Li-ion battery technology

India, where electric 3-wheeler market is open and seriously looking for some advance technology to get adopted by India quickly- the technology that would be having potential to overcome the need to petrol or CNG operated 3-wheelers. In that market space make requirement is to advance the battery capacity and battery management system. So that with the only short period of recharge battery can deliver good power output for extended period of time in between every charge cycle.
ENRICK electric 3-wheeler (Image source: urbantransportnews.com)

SHADO Group:

Company is operated from Singapore headquarter since March 2014. SHADO Group is a advanced engineering innovators of smart mobility & green commercial fleet. Group deal in with end-to-end fleet charging solutions, electric vehicles and cloud-based fleet management systems. Their main focus is to build low-voltage high performance vehicles that are functional, reliable and durable to ensure high safety with the help of low voltage operating system. SHADO Group is also extend their expertise in design and manufacturing of best in class, all terrain, all weather and all wheel drive electric vehicle. The vehicles which are build by SHADO Group having many advanced technology like-

  • Vehicle is equipped with a complete telematics system.
  • Ultra capacitators battery technology: Battery performance is enhanced. Company claim to increase the battery life upto 50% and vehicle range by over 20%. 
  • Infinite Variable Transmission Technology:  It enables the electric motor to operate at an optimal level while generating seamless torque amplification at all the speed of vehicle.
  • Wireless charging technology: SHADO Group has patent for wireless high power charging up-to 10kW.
  • Electric motor that operates at low voltage and generate the high amount of torque
So, Company was in Indian news-papers for their plan to invest $10 million in it’s Pune factory to produce latest technology 3 wheeler.

Company launched “ERICK”:

In this month only SHADO Group launched the latest electric technology based 3 wheeler with the name “ERICK”. ERICK passenger and the cargo three-wheeler models will be available for sale in India. Company has also plan to export these into developing market of Africa and South East Asia.

Key Features & Specification of ERICK:

Key Features-

5 Minutes charging
Range: 70 km in a single charge
Battery life: 25,000 cycle

Operating temperature: 60°C Ambient temperature

Motor cooling: Forced Air cooled
Motor efficiency: Upto 93%

Placement of all component in the ERICK electric scooter


Motor Type: Permanent Magnet DC Motor (PMDC)
Power: 08kW
Charging time: 05 minutes
Top Speed: 50 km/h
Maximum Range: 70 km
Kerb Weight (Passenger): 350kg
Max Pay Load : 350kg
Transmission: Fixed Reduction with differential
Gradeability: 28%

Design by Adarin Infinite:

Adarin Infinite  is the subsidiary company of the SHADO Group  expertise into design and develop power-train, micro-electronic components, steering and brake systems for hybrid and electric vehicle in India. It was founded in April 2013 with a vision to work on energy efficient automobile hybrid power-train technology. ‘Adarin Infinite’ has only design and developed the “ERICK” 3 wheeler electric vehicle. As per the company technology used into this EV is completely developed into India.
Adarin Infinite  will make the ERICK comes in 2 different variants-

1) Passenger 3 wheeler
2) Cargo 3 wheeler

How ‘Adarin Infinite’ is empowering the 3 wheeler industry:

Today there are about 7 millions 3-wheeler are on road and these are also major contributor of emission. This number will grow to 19.5 million in 2030, and 66.25 million in 2050. At that stage it would be very difficult to control the pollution from these vehicle. Now main issue with EVs are –
-Short battery range
-More charging time
-High initial cost
– It’s not conventional
                   So, due to above 4 factors now a conventional petrol driven 3 wheeler driver hesitate to upgrade his vehicle to electric one. Adarin Infinite has tried to solve this problem with the help of new in-house developed technology which is used in ‘ERICK’.

Future Plan:

SHADO group has invested about 71 Crores in company’s manufacturing facility in Pune (Maharastra) for the mass production of this electric 3 wheeler “ERICK”. Initially it is plan to roll-out 1000 vehicle per month for Indian market. To compete with conventional vehicle and to short out the charging facility SHADO Group intend to build out a country-wide charing ecosystem that will go on to enable the widespread consumer adoption of electric vehicle.

My Word:

Adarin Infinite (Adarin Engineering Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)  has developed key technologies to make this 3-wheeler more efficient and most suited vehicle even in the high temperature environment like some of the India’s mega and metro cities. As company claims that ERICK will be more efficient than any petrol or diesel 3 wheeler even at high temperature.
Battery technology is also 1st in its category. As per the company official website battery pack is having NON-LITHIUM battery cells which can charge only in 05 minutes with the help of clubbed advance Capacitor Management system.
Well, being an engineer I believe on the technologies and appreciate this unique technology. But actual result will come in light when company will start delivering the vehicle. Market response will justify this feature.
Further news related to ERICK will be updated on this blog. So please keep reading!