Hyundai Motor reveals the Vehicle-Mounted Electric Scooter like Rolls Royce umbrella

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Electric scooter folded and fixed into car body somewhere to charge, its cool…

Everyday we are getting a lot of news about the buzz into electric vehicle (EVs) industry. Every brand it trying to come up with some innovative idea and brilliantly designed product. Where developing countries are still struggling to find the right path way for bringing EVs on road in full numbers, on the say time automotive brands and startups are innovating something to catch the customer’s eyes in developed countries.
Hyundai last mile tri-fold electric scooter
Earlier Audi has launched it electric scooter which was the cocktail of electric scooter and skateboard. Named that- “e-tron“. e-tron is the combination of handle bar function from scooter and the riding position of a skateboard. But now its time for Hyundai Motors. Hyundai is working to develop this technology since 2017 company launched its Ioniq branded last mile mobility device in form of electric scooter. Ioniq electric scooter by Hyundai Motors was presented at Consumer Electronics Show (CES-2017).
Now Hyundai has come up with a very attractive piece of technology. A portable electric scooter which can be carry to any location.

Design & Features:

Company has design it on the base of ioniq but the way it would be kept and charge is really interesting to know. You people must have seen the umbrella pushed into the driver side door of any Rolls Royce. Hyundai seems to be inspired from that and now designed their electric scooter in such a way that it would be coming with built-in option for Hyundai future car models.
-Electric scooter has quality display in center of handle bar which shows the battery status and speed.
Mobile phone also can be mounted at same place.
– Driving comfort have been taken care with the front suspension which looks very study in video.

– e-scooter is equipped with front and back curved led head and tail lamps.

– Final product will be launching with the re-generative braking system to increase the scooter’s range by 7%.

– It gets folded in such a way that one can carry this to market, home, mall and any where in hand,


Battery – 10.5 Ah
Battery weight- 7.7 kg
Battery range- 12.4 miles (Approx. 20 kms)
Top speed- 12.4 mph (Approx. 20kmph)
Charging- Can be mount on the Hyundai and Kia future production vehicles.
Design- Compact tri-folding

Company is planning to introduce this along with their premium vehicle as a special key features.

Future Planning:

Still this design is on prototype stage and company is working on it to make it the best ‘last mile commuting e-scooter’. Now company has released the product video teaser on YouTube official page as well as updated the same on twitter also. Hope we people will get to see this in future very soon. This e-scooter in folded condition can be accommodated into the car body from any desired side only after ensuring there is no impact on the safety and now it may be vary on the Hyundai future car designs.

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