REVOLT RV400 Launched with attractive price tag and easy buying options

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Revolt RV400 and RV300 Launched today with completely free service upto 3 years

Image Source: Revolt Intellicorp

Revolt Intellicorp launched much awaited electric bike today.
Delivery of bike will start in September this year.
New booking for Delhi and Pune will start at 11 AM tomorrow onwards.

Revolt Intellicorp:

The brand “Revolt Intellicorp” is founded by Mr. Rahul Sharma who was earlier known for the position he held earlier- the co-founder of the renowned smartphone company Micromax. Revolt headquarter is in Gurgaon while the manufacturing facility of currently launched e-bike Revolt 400 is in Manesar with the production capacity of 1,20,000 units per year.

All about the “REVOLT 400”


Revolt 400 came into media on 18th June 2019 during its soft launch. Company’s first bike rolled out from the assembly line at its Manesar manufacturing facility on 08th August 2019. Production volume capacity of the plant is 1.20 Lakh per year. On the basis of future demand company may increase this capacity. Currently the Revolt 400 motor, motor-controller, battery and other power-train parts are being imported form China. Remaining parts are localized.

Now today company stop the count-down of most awaited India’s first AI enabled electric bike by doing the final launch of Revolt 400. Revolt 400 has the comprehensive feature list and many of the features are new of any electric bike/scooter launched in India.

 Company called it not only design innovation but also engineering innovation because this bike is coming with lots of engineering technology- -Projection Lamp with DRLs, LED tail lamp.-Revolt 400 is having IP67 water resistance drive-train. So no worry when you need to pass through -the water or in rainy seasons.-Regenerative Brake System.-Integrated mobile phone charger.-Storage space in front to keep mobile phone or any driving accessory.

Image credit: Revolt

The vehicle will be available for sale in seven metro/mega cities – Delhi-NCR, Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad and Ahmadabad very soon.


Battery range: 156 km (ARAI approved)
Battery : 3.24 kW
Maximum speed: 85 km/h
Motor : 3000 W (rated power)
: 5000 W (max power)
Torque: 17 Nm
CBS: Combined Braking System
RBS: Re-generative Braking System
– Integrated mobile phone charger.
– Storage space for mobile phone.

Battery warranty: 1.5 Lakh Kilometers

Key Features:

Voice Enabled Technology:

Revolt is connected with the helmet also. By using voice command after wearing the helmet you can start your REVOLT. Just say “Revolt Start” and your bike will start. Company has developed this technology with the help of Google. Google representative also joined the launch event today. 

Smart Key:

REVOLT RV400 Smart Key

Revolt comes with a smart key. It’s same Like any luxury remote key. You can do -Lock : Remote lock your bikeUnlock : UnlockRemote Start : Bike can be start remotely by using smart key up-to away from 50 feet.

Locate : Just click a button on smart key and you will be able to locate your bike. Lights and a sound will be to guide you to your bike.

Adjustable Foot-pegs:

Image credit: Revolt

This bike looks very much same which. As per your driving choice you can adjust your foot-pegs to drive like sport mode or to drive to cruise. Two stage adjustment – Sport mode ride & Cruise mode ride position.

Physical Look:

Revolt RV400

This is going to be one of the most selling point for Revolt 400. This bike looks very much same which we all are using into our day to day like and this point will help Revolt into its marketing. Revolt 400 similar to any good looking 125cc or 150cc bike available in market. By specification wise it will be similar to the 125 cc bike.

AI Enabled: 

Revolt 400 is AI enabled (Artificial Intelligence) bike which having 4g sim on-board. Bike regularly stores and process the data like driving habits and driving pattern to make the bike more user friendly.

Removable Battery:

Battery can be removed instantly and one can carry it easily to charge it in home or somewhere else.

Smart Phone Connectivity:

Pre-booking online- Revolt 400 pre-booking facility is also there on ‘MyRevolt ‘Mobile application. Remote start/stop- Just by swapping on Revolt Mobile application you can start or stop the bike remotely. Parking location- This feature on the application shows the exact location where you have parked your Revolt bike and you can share it with anyone through the application. Change exhaust note-Either you want humming sound of your electric bike or you want it to produce the sound like conventional IC engine bike. You have choice to choose among 4 types of exhaust sound. Even you can customize it.Battery swapping location- This application will show the battery swapping location nearby you in real time with distance from your current location. Application will also show the number of fully charged battery available at that swapping location/station.Order battery online-Through the mobile application online fully charged battery can be ordered at any place or at home. Riding mode details-Eco, City & Sport, just tap any of the mode on mobile application and it will so the range left for that mode.  Geo-fencing Security feature- You can set the area through setting a radius on map so that when your Revolt crosses that area then you get the notification.Trip history- All trip history can be also found through this mobile application. Battery swapping history- This keeps the records of your past battery swapping details. You can check the number of batteries you have swapped in past. 

Service Unlimited (3 year completely free):

Free service for 5 YEARS or 75000 KMSService facility will be done at Revolt service center and also to the ‘Go Mechanic‘ service team First service on 10,000 KmsBrake Pad, Oil and other everything is included for first 3 years.This also include the Tyre replacement (One set) under 3 years are completely free.  

My Words:

Currently there is no direct competitor of Revolt 400 in market but yer indirectly one can choose other electric scooter like Ather 450 and Okinawa Praise. But at this price tag with lots of above mentioned technology Revolt will lead.