FORD Motor busted the myth of all Electric Car- Mustang Inspired Electric Crossover

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Ford Motor: Electric Vehicles are fun to drive and even can operate at extreme environment temperature

Many of us have different opinion for the Electric Vehicles. Some European countries, China and US are leading in electric vehicle technology and its market. India also looking of complete change over in it automobile market and already decided timeline to adopt the EVs for Indian road. Not only India but other countries’ people have different assumption for electric vehicles. I said “assumption” because those opinion or thoughts are not having any technical base. What engineers and auto experts ask for is – real and virtual testing results for any car. This should be the basis of our thought, perception and believe. 
Image Credit: Ford Motor Company


EVs Common Myths & Misconceptions:

– EVs takes too long to charge
– EVs’ batteries don’t last long
– EVs can not be operated in extreme environment 
– EVs are not fun to drive
– EVs are too expensive
– Risk of fire in EVs are so high

Well, every EV manufacturer and Auto Experts have always been given clarity on above all the topic and in real the EVs are started becoming part of our daily commute. Ford Motor recently releases some videos through which company is busting the EVs Myths-

  1.    EVs can even operate at -40 degree cold environment.
  2. EVs have more or equal power to any gasoline or diesel car
  3.    EVs are fun to drive
So, Let’s talk about the worst environment operation – So, for any electric vehicle which is aggressively designed and tested for worst environment can easily operate at very low temperature around -40 °C to extreme high temperature like 80°C or 85°. As per my experience every high-end car manufacturer those who are started making EVs now, tests their electric vehicle powertrain and other electronic components for extreme temperature environment. 
FORD RANGER ELECTRIC (FORD first electric production car : 1998)
Ford Ranger Electric was the 1st production electric car from FORD which was having lead-acid battery pack. but now technology became advance and company has tested reversely tested its new electric cars which are expected to launch in coming year. 
Ford has released a video in that it can be seen that Ford’s upcoming electric sport car is running like anything even in coldest temperature.

Electric vehicles are very much capable of doing anything what a gasoline or diesel car does. Ford Motor has tested upcoming F-150 electric vehicle pickup truck to extreme level. During the test Ford F-150 prototype was capable of pulling a 10 double decker freight car. In video we can see that Ford F-150 easily pulls the whole freight car. In second phase 10 double decker freight car was loaded with 42 numbers of Ford F-150 Trucks, even then Ford F-150 prototype vehicle pulls it and takes a long way. Thanks to the electric motor which gives full range of torque from zero rpm and that’s the added advantage of any electric vehicle over gasoline or diesel car. So, if you planning to purchase new car then you can think of electric vehicle.


Now comes to the driving fun. Vehicle power, torque, dynamics and comfort makes any car fun to drive. Any good electric vehicle has all these ingredient to make your driving unique and full the fun. Electric vehicle give instant peak torque which every track racer loves. Feature like ‘Launch Mode‘ which is very popular in Tesla or other electric car is a unique feature which you can not get in conventional car. Digital interface and other interior is also making electric vehicle fun to drive now a day.

My Words:

 Many of the thing which we heard that might be a myth but what we can do is, just look for the technological aspects of that. All the OEMs are doing regress testing of their product to deliver a world class technology to customers. As per my experience I can say that EVs are more safe and secure like any other car. Tesla once also claimed that gasoline cars are 11 times more pron to catch fire than Tesla cars. So, just rely on the new technology and re-structure your thoughts.