German Car Maker Mercedes joins the race of fully Electric Vehicle

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Mercedes is working on different EVs Project and gearing up for year 2020

Mercede Benz EQC electric SUV
Mercedes EQC 400 4MATIC (Credit: Mercedes Benz)

German Car Industries are far ahead in automobile technology specially for the ICE car or Hybrid Car. German took the leap ahead in automobile advance design and manufacturing technology since Internal Combustion Engine came into main stream and after the innovation of  starter motor by General Motor back into 1911. That era is known for a change in Automobile Industry and car manufactured during that period is now known as Vintage Cars. Now the Car Industry is on edge of change and inclination is towards the electric cars.

Mercedes Benz also now decided to be part of new automobile era – Electric Vehicles. I say its late entry into the market. Below data show how countries have taken initiative to adopt the electric vehicle. Directly or Indirectly it shows some percentage of lost market for the Mercedes Benz because out of below data non of the Mercedes vehicle contribute (because Mercedes have not yet fully electric car on road)

In Frankfurt Motor Show 2019, Mercedes unveiled its electric concept car Vision EQS which comes from the new eco-system of Mercedes- EQ Family. Currently EQ family has only one electric car in production currently named – Mercedes EQC , but company has already committed to launch further more by 2022. Other subsideries like Mercedes AMG has also long vision for EVs. In an interview (January 2017) CEO of  AMG, Tobias Moers, said- “When we talk about an AMG hybrid or an electric powertrain, it’s something we expect beyond 2020 for sure.”. AMG is also working for upcoming fully electric car and that may be launched by 1st quarter of 2020.

Mercedes EQC Fully Electric:

Mercedes first electric production car EQC is build upon the platform of Mercedes GLC Class and even this car is assembled at same assembly line. First it was unveiled in 2016 Paris Motor Show and now EQC is the first production car from the EQ Family of Mercedes Benz. Definetly it’s to reduce the cost of final product but it has few negative points also. Well, I will get to that later. But this first electric car EQC came from the 93 years of experience. Tech loaded this car has aboundent of new and exiciting features.

EQC is 4 wheel drive. There is motor in front as well as at the rear axle which provides enough power to this 05 seater SUV.

 EQC 400 4MATIC Specification:Battery- 85kW (80kW is useable)Efficiency- 22.2kWh/100kmBattery Range:          Maximum in City (Mild Weather): 515 km          Minimum in Highway (Cold Weather): 260 kmAcceleration (0 – 100 km/h)- 5.1 secTop Speed- 180 km/hPower- 300kW (408 PS) Vehicle Dimension:Length- 4761 mmWidth- 1884 mmHeight- 1623 mmWheelbase- 2873 mmWeight- 2495 kgCargo Volume- 500LThis EV is going to compete with other EVs in market like Tesla Model X, Audi e-tron 55 quattro and Jaguar i paceECQ 400 Availability and Pricing:
Mercedes EQC 400 4MATIC is currently in production in United Kingdom and The Netherlands.
In UK it costs around 77417 USD 
In Netherlands it costs around 89562 USD.

Well, this is the first move of Mercedes Benz towards the fully electric car. ECQ 400 is based on Mercedes GLC Class so if you will the this electric vehicle then there is transmission tunnel which has no significance in electirc car but it is there and if your are buying ECQ 400 then you will have to ignore it while being on the rear seat.

Mercedes & Frankfurt Motor Show 2019:

Mercedes Benz A250e  Mercedes B250e Mercedes EQC400 4MATIC 2020 EditionMercedes GLB200Mercedes GLE 350de  MERCEDES GLE 400d Coupe’  MERCEDES AMG GLB 35 MERCEDES AMG GLE 53 4MATIC COUPE

So, above car models were unveilled last week during the Frankfurt Motor Show 2019. Some of them are EVs and other are the Internal Combustion Engines. I will cover other EVs in my coming blogs. So, as of now conclusion is that-
Mercedes is in market with its only one fully electric car EQC and it’s compatitior like BMW, Porsche & Nissan are having their fully electric cars in market since long time. Coming year 2020 will be challanging because other OEMs like Audi will also come with other EVs and that will raise the compititation.

My Words:

Many of the YouTuber/ Car Reviewer from Norway, UK and Germany have driven the EQC and given there feedback but the feedback which came in recent days really keeps fact about this Mercedes First production electric car. EQC has taken care luxury and comfort very well in the EQC design and it will compete with it rivals. But real game will start only when the company will launch other more EVs in coming future. Stay subscribed to this blog, I will keep you updated with the latest EVs news updates.