World’s first single wheeled self balancing personal motor-cycle RYNO

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‘RYNO’ The first personal mobility device that’s built to connect you to people, not take you away from them

Self balancing technology- A human mind can think of about anything as thoughts have no boybdarues and that thought could look very stupid but whatever we have achieved today are the outcome of those thoughts only. Every person has this capability but only some of them are capable of bringing their thoughts into the real world by working on their imagination.

Self balancing single wheeled scooter
RYNO single-wheeled bike (credit: RYNO Motors)

Modern technology has brought advancement in the mode of transport today. The last mile term utilized in transportation arranging depicts the development of individuals from open vehicle to their last goal. Intercity transport is taken care by buses, trains and flights but the last mile transportation is the major problem everywhere and it creates the problem like traffic jam and car parking problem. In India the last mile transportation is the major issue and now battery operated rickshaw, battery operated shared/ranted car and e-bikes are addressing this problem in major cities of India. Car parking is the major problem in all developing as well as developed countries. Even though the government is supporting the EVs industries by reducing the tax on batteries and EV component. EVs buyers are also getting the huge incentives on electric vehicles but on a long run this is not going to solve the traffic jam and parking problems. There must by any other alternative. Like RYNO single wheeled self balancing personal mobility device.

What is RYNO:

Self balancing machine
Chris Hoffmann with his cration RYNO (Image credit: RYNO Motors)

Let’s get to know the “RYNO” through the words of the founder and CEO of RYNO Motors- CHRIS HOFFMANN. Chris Hoffmann is a self-learned Mechanical Engineer and has more than 20 years of experience in designing of heavy machinery in corporate. He says-RYNO is the world’s first single-wheeled self balancing electric motorcycle which is equipped with self-balancing technology and best suited for the last mile personal transport. It’s a beautiful piece of machinery.

The RYNO name came from thevideo game that inspiredHoffmann’s daughter Laurento suggest the idea.Later Chris Hoffmann updatedit with an acronym –Ride Your New Opportunity.

Story behind RYNO-

In 2017 Hoffmann’s daughter said- Dad, I saw this one-wheeled motorcycle in a video game. Could you actually build that? But its really took so long to imagine. That thought took the form of imagination and came into real life through the sketch on a napkin.

Initial sketch inspired from the video game (Image Credit: RYNO Motors)

During the initial phase Chris Hoffmann took his Mom’s bike and cut that into two pieces each section having single wheel. This all he did to visualize howdoes a single wheel bike look like. In front part of that section Chris put aseat. But that didn’t work. Many prototypes were made during the initial years.
1st prototype was looked like-

1st Prototype of RYNO (Image Credit: RYNO Motors)

After many trials and design improvements the final RYNO got ready by the end of 2014.

Technology Behind:

Future of transportationshould be about saving time before saving planet and money. RYNO has Unique combination of two devices- 1)Accelerometer2) XyroGyro is updated with the accelerometer with very accurate location about where the center of earth is and what is the tilt angle. So bike use to stays at zero tilt angle. The fact is somebody can look so relax on moving around on single wheel and it fascinates people. You need to go through the transition period of only 15 minutes on a straight line for a couple of days and you are ready to go. RYNO BALANCE is based on gyro sensors.A gyroscope is a wheel mountedin two or three gimbals thatenables it to keepan independent orientation.

Specification of RYNO:

The RYNO Micro-Cycle is 11 times more efficient than the average American car, and over three times more efficient than even the highest-mileage scooters.

Max. Speed:10 mph
Power: 500 watt
Charge time: 06 hour (standard wall output)
Delivery had started in April 2016.
Price: 2995 dollarsPayload: 117kg RYNO was built to accomplisha simple mission:making motorized personal transportationaccessible, enjoyable, and practical.

Self balancing machine
RYNO (Image Credit: RYNO Motors)

Way to Drive the RYNO:

Company says- Riding the RYNO feels like nothing you’ve ever experienced because there’s never been anything like it. Sit down on it and your instinct remains in control as you realize the Micro-cycle has almost become an extension of your body. Just lean forward a little and you’ll see that the Micro-cycle is moving in response to you and what you tell it to do. It all feels really cool, but be sure to get proper training from your authorized dealer and review the user materials before riding your RYNO. With a little practice, it will begin to feel totally natural.

RYNO Motors Future Projects:

Chris Hoffmann has always looked to work on futuristic products and deliver the future to the present human being. Since few years company is working on several new projects like-

Urban Car:

Name- Rubic Car (Autonomous parking)Top speed- 25 mphThese vehicles will be easily stored into Car vending machine. Big parking structures will store these and only by the mobile application one can call this car out of the vending machine. It will take you around and once you get off the car, the car goes into the nearest parking structure by itself. Around 30% of cars are looking for parking. Once this problem of parking is shorted out there will no need for the parking car in the roadside. RYNO HF-1 Hydro-Foil:

RYNO HF-1 software model (Credit: RYNO Motors)
Self balancing
RYNO HF-1 Proto (Credit: RYNO Motors)

The RYNO HF-1 is an electric hydrofoil watercraft. It uses a “V” formed hydrofoil style and a tilting seat that provides the rider a extremely manoeuvrable, quiet nevertheless exciting recreational expertise.
Speed- 30 mph
Range- 20 miles
Weight of craft with batteries- 160 kg
Charging time- 06 hours
Motor- 15 kW

My Words:

RYNO is a very special and unique technological invention and capable to address the problem of traffic jam and parking issue. So, automotive industry must learn from this. Government eyes are also important for providing right acceptance of such product among the people.