Mantis- A performance street electric naked bike unveiled at IBW-2019

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Orxa Energies unveiled its first performance electric bike at Indian Bike Week-2019

Mantis Electric Bike

The Mantis – With striking design seems like came from any Hollywood movie. This bike is the first electric performance bike from a Bengaluru based startup companyOrxa Energies.

The six edition of ‘India Bike Week‘ Goa organised this time in Goa – 6th and 7th December at ‘Little Vagator Hills, Bardez, Goa‘. Mastis first time came before public officially during the same event.

A lot of bikes enthusiasts were gathered during the event and Orxa Energies choosen this right place to showcase their well engineered and in-house developed electric street bike- Mantis.

Mantis Design & Performance

Mantis electric bike rear view (Image source:

Orxa Energies has put a lot of effort into the desing of its very first electric bike. Where it looks completely different in this electric bike segment. LED headlamp, Clip-on handle bar, multiple angles and sharp body lines give this electric beast a look of true street naked performance bike. This design will definitely going to dominate its presence on the road.

It also offers unmatchable performance. In a single charge the Mantis can cover the distance upto 200 km. The top speed of the bike is 140 kmph. Likewise its six swappable lithium-ion batteries are the main USP for this bike. However, the battery gets fully charge in 04 hours or less. Battery capacity is 9 kWh total which is as said above divided in 6 swapable units of 1.5kWh each. Orxa Energies has worked on BMS system so well that it allows the battery to get fully charge in few hours. Apart from that company has also plan to setup its own charging station once Mantis launched in market.

Mantis Driviability

Mantis electric bike top view (Image source:

This bike offers a seamless ride and even you don’t need to do any change in your regular driving habits. Company stated that we have developed technology in such a way that user don’t need to adopt the new technology, new technology will adopt the user.

A fully digital dashboard offers a very simplistic interface which monitor all the driving statics and displays it. Most importantly a mobile application keep regular updates of Ride analytics, diagnostic and preventive maintenance

Other updates

Till now company has not disclose any technical details about the motor used in the Mantis. Orxa Energies is also working on a electric reverse trike which has named as Mantis Trike. Official video released by the company earlier shows that the electric Trike is also in the product list and company has equal foucs on it as well. However mid-2020 would be the time for final launch of the Mantis electric bike.

About the Orxa Energies

Orxa Energies is founed by Prajwal Sabnis and Ranjita Ravi in 2015. The place called as the Silicon Valley of India- Bengaluru became the main land where in the form of a hardware it all initially started.

Orxa Energies founder
Founders of Orxa Energies (Image source:

Mr. Prajwal Sabnis, Co-Founder of Orxa Energies holds a PhD degree from Mines Paris Tech, and MS from Stuttgart University. Just after complition of study from Europe Prajwal wanted to do someting in his town.

Ranjita Ravi, Co-Founder of Orxa Energies done MBA from ESSEC Business School, Paris. She also has more than 10 years of experience in Sales, Marketing and Internal Audit. Ranjita Ravi carries a vast experience in above mentioned field by working on the assignement in 20+ countries across 5 different continenets.

My Words:

Mantis eBike has two USPs – First is its look and Second one is its technology which has been the core work area of Orxa Energies since beginning. Specialty is that- this bike has been tested extensively. Over 100 professional and regular drivers have tested it on the Bengaluru outskirt track. Spacility is that company has designed all the core thing like BMS and its lithium-ion battery by itself. Along with that its performance is also remarkable and set the benchmark in the Indian electric two-Wheeler’s industry.

Well there is direct competitor of Mantis will be Emflux Motor‘s upcoming bikes Emflux One, Emflux Two and Emflux Two+. Emflux is also a Bengaluru based startup and its bikes carry all the technologies developed in-house by the Emflux Motor. So, In my opinion the year 2020 is going to be most competitive time for all the growing startup in the field of electric two-wheelers in India.