MG unveiled its first electric car in India- MG ZS EV

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MG ZS EV electric car- will it beat the Hyundai Kona?


Finally the wait for MG fans over now. MG Motor unveiled its most awaited electric car MG ZS EV in India. Year 2019 going to end now and it is anticipated the debut of MG electric car will be the 2nd last major unveil in India because on 17th December, Tata Motors has planned to show the Tata Nexon EV.

Now let’s talk about the MG ZS EV and reserve our attention for new electric car from MG Motor. During the event today Mr. Rajeev Chaba, the President and MD MG Motor India shared his view for – “Why we need the electric car” and showcased the new MG ZS EV with its features and offerings.

MG ZS EV look and feel

Like othe electric car available in market (India and outside India), MG ZS EV is properlly design to minimize the drag cofficient. There is no compromise in the SUV look and premium feature offerings. Its bold look and distinctive styling will defenitly proove its presence on the road.

Front headlighs and tail light both have the LED DRLs which enhances its overall look. This sub-4.5 meter 5 seater SUV has Dual tone ORVMs with turn indicators. Sun-roof covers 90% of its roof area. It also offers the inbuilt PM2.5 air filter in the cabin.

All the seats feel comfortable enough to provide you sufficient cushioning to inhance you riding experience. Yes, you may could the lack of proper thai support in the back of the seat. There in no rear AC vent in the rear. Car interior space is good enough for long journey. Build quality what you are going to get is above average. Steering wheels feels heay which will better work on highway also. Overall this new electric SUV is the combination of luxury and technology.

MG ZS EV Features and Performance

MG ZS EV powertrain (Image credit:

Motor power: 143 bhp
Battery: 44.5 kWh
Acceleration: 0-100 kmph in 8.5 seconds
Range: 340 kms and IP 67 rating
Skyroof: About 90% area of top.
i-Smart EV 2.0 Infotainment system
Inbuit Air-filter: PM2.5 Filter is in the cabin

Voice Assistance: MG Motor introduced the “AVIRA”.
Safety: European standard safety

Wheels: 17 inch allows

MG ZS EV has the updated version of infotainment system which is there in MG Hector. MG is highlighting this features as iSmart EV 2.0. Same like MG Hector this car has also a embedded SIM card for the internet connectivity and also has ability to connect with any external wi-fi or hot-spot network. All the Internal operated facility like- real time location, map, charging station loation can be accessed anytime.

Battery and Charging:

MG offers the five ways charging system for MG ZS EV.
– A portable charger (For any 15 amp plug)
– A DC fast charger (7.4kW DC charger will be installed at owners home)
– 50kW DC fast charger (located at MG showrooms)
– An extended charging network (In progress)
– Charge on the go (roadside asistance in partnership with Allianz).

The 44.5 kWh battery gives the range of 340 kms (Compare it with Hyundai Kona Electric). Charging socket is provided in the front grill of the SUV. MG Motor provides the facility of fast charging at selected location. A 50kW DC fast charger will charge 0 to 80% of battery within 50 minutes. MG has also done partnership with Delta and Fortum for installing more chargers in coming days. Well, A portable charger comes with the car which can be plugged into any wall socket. Battery is completly water-proof and IP 67 rated. MG claims that entire battery system can be submerged in water upto 1 metre for 30 minutes without facing any problem.

History of MG Motor

MG Motor is UK based automobile company which was founded in the UK in 1924. MG refers to the “Morris Garages”. Vehicles from MG Motor were world-famous for their sports cars, roadsters, and cabriolet series. It has a glorious history. Cars were used by many celebrities, including the British Prime Ministers and even the British Royal Family. The MG Car Club, set up in 1930 at Abingdon in the UK, has thousands of loyal fans, making it one of the world’s largest clubs for a car brand. MG has evolved into a modern, futuristic and innovative brand over the last 95 years.MG Motor entered into India with the first in class ‘Internet-SUV’- MG Hector and got the very good acceptance in Indian market. It has its manufacturing facility at Halol in Gujarat.

Fast charging facility for MG ZS EV in India

MG Motor partnership with Fortum

To provide the seamless and hassle-free electric vehicle experience of MG ZS EV, MG Motor has shown its commitment to provide the fast charging facility to the electric car buyers in India. In last month for the same purpose MG has installed at 50kW fast charger in its Gurgaon located showroom. This all were done in the partnership with the Finland based company “Fortum”.

Under the partnership, starting with the national capital, Fortum has installed four public 50 kW fast charging stations in South Delhi, West Delhi, Noida & Gurugram respectively. Besides, six more public 50 kW DC fast chargers have been installed at MG’s Dealer locations in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. That fast chargers can be accessed by any electric car user. But the charging socket in car must be compatible with CCS/CHAdeMO charging standards. Just register with the mobile application of ‘Fortum Charge & Drive India’ and you are ready to avail the charging facility.

MG ZS EV battery ‘end of life’ plan

MG ZS EV pays attention towards the green nature

Company is doing all the things which possibly can be done to make the first electric car environment friendly. The major concern in any electric car is its battery. Because once its life is over its become a big headache for the whole society. If proper disposal or recycling not done then its goes into land-filling at mainly out-skirt or coastal areas. From there its become the major source of pollution. But if you are planning to buy MG ZS EV then you don’t have to worry about the end life of your car’s battery. MG has already taken care by planning of Battery disposal, re-cycling and to re-use it at very good efficiency output. Here are the details about some partnership with other major in the battery field-

Partnership with Exicom for second-life use of MG ZS EV batteries

MG Motor partnership with EXICOM

A lot of people talk about the second life of used batteries in electric car. Its a matter of concern as well as a matter of discussion. Because currently 40% to 50% cost of any electric car goes into that heavy lithium-ion battery. So, to address that problem MG Motor India recently did the partnership with EXICOM Power Solutions. As per the MG Motor the batteries of MG ZS EV at the end of their life will not go to the land-fill site. MG is committed towards the green environment and its future goal to utilize the limited resources with great responsibility.

Under this partnership ‘EXICOM Power Solutions‘ will thoroughly inspect the MG ZS EV battery once battery’s life is over. Those battery packs will be used in a non-automotive applications such as home inverters, commercial & industrial UPS, and renewable energy storage.

MG Motor India partners with Umicore for recycling of MG ZS EV battery

MG Partners with Umicore
MG Motor India partners with Umicore

Recently in the month of November’19, MG Motor did the partnership with Umicore. Umicore is a global material technology and re-cycling group and also it is one of few company which offers the facility and technology of end-of-life lithium-ion battery recycling. They have the expertise in end-to-end battery life cycle management and a unique battery value chain that guarantees better operational efficiency, supply security, and speed of response. This partnership will help MG Motor to recycle the battery of newly launched MG ZS EV electric car. It will also be ensuring greater peace of mind to MG customers about their ecological footprint.

MG ZS EV- Final launch and Delivery

The final launch of MG ZS EV in India is planned for January-2020. This new electric car MG ZS EV will be initially available for purchase in five cities- Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Ahmedabad. By the same time delivery will start. Booking is already open through its dealership with booking amount of Rs. 50,000/-.

My Words for MG ZS EV

MG ZS EV offers a lot of safety, performance and user-interaction features which makes it unique in Indian EV market. Commitment to provide the better costumer experience and it’s different initiatives will help MG Motor to take the benefits of one of the first mover in EV segment. If you have that much of budget and looking to buy EV then you must compare it with the Hyundai Kona Electric. MG Motor has also done partnership with the India’s leading corporate fleet management company ‘Lithium-Urban’. This partnership makes you available new MG ZS EV on rental plan. So, after January 2020 you will able to enjoy this new car without paying hefty amount of money and without owning it.

MG Motor has opened its experience centers and show-rooms in major cities of India. And if you are living in 2nd or 3rd tier city then MG Motor has ‘Showroom on Wheels’ for you. Showroom on the wheel is a unique experience which enhances the overall brand interaction story with the customers. A 45 feet trailer provides enough space to experience the new tech and to know the British-Chinese brand history. People can interact with the technology digitally as well as experience the MG Car physically there. Probably MG Motor will use this for new MG ZS EV also. So, one must visit to explore this new electric SUV more before making any good or bad assumption related to electric car and its future in India.

Last but not the least- From MG Motor:

The world is too big for us to change it alone. But you can start by changing your world. Switch to an electric car, and inspire many to do the same.