Tesla Cyber Truck unveiled but does this real rival to the ‘Rivian eTruck’?

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Tesla Cyber Truck- A product of insightful thought of Elon Musk

This was one of the most well-hidden products ever. There were absolutely no leaks. Nobody really knew exactly what to expect The Tesla cyber truck is a sight to see. It’s going to be something out of a sci-fi movie. It’s very polarizing even doesn’t look like a truck and Elon also told that it’s not going to be like a truck. It’s a triangular stainless-steel skeleton of vehicle. It’s built for utility but it’s also built for the performance. Actually, the tagline right now on the Tesla cybertronic home page is
Better utility than a truck with more Performance than a Sports car”.

Tesla electric pickup tuck
Tesla Cyber Truck- A best off-road buddy (Image soruce- Tesla official website)

Visual Response for Tesla Cyber Truck:

So when you first see this truck it looks really weird. It looks strange to what compared to what we’re used to seeing in a typical pickup truck. But the speciality is that – It’s made out of this exoskeleton stainless steel rugged exterior.

Tesla electric pickup tuck
Tesla Cyber Truck exoskelton made up of 30x cold rolled steel

During the unveiling event, they showed hitting a normal truck door and they showed hitting the stainless steel. The hard like cold-rolled stainless steel of the Tesla cyber truck withstood the hit from that sledgehammer and they said that you know it’s supposed to be able to be bulletproof as well and then, of course, they go into the Tesla armour glass.

Tesla Cyber Truck

Different series of Tesla Cyber Truck

The moment Elon announced the price it was just wow. Because one can get the Single Motor model by just spending 39,900 dollars. Three models of Cyber Truck will be produced-
1) Single Motor Configuration
2) Double Motor Configuration
3) Triple Motor Configuration

All the details are mentioned below:

MotorSingle MotorDouble MotorTriple Motor
DriveRear-wheelAll wheelAll wheel
Range250 miles300 miles500 miles
Towing Capacity7,500 pound10,000 pound14,000 pound
6.5 sec4.5 sec2.9 sec
Price $ 39,900 $ 49,900 $ 69,900

Cyber Truck Adaptive Suspension:

Tesla electric pickup tuck
Cyber Truck Adaptive Suspension (Image Source: Tesla Official Website)

Tesla Cyber Truck has an adaptive air suspension. It will come standard on all the cars. So, In my opinion, this is actually a very important design element because if you want to take your truck on uneven terrain then it has the ability to adjust the ride height so you can go very low or very high. So you can be efficient on the highway and you can also go off-roading. It’s going to have the highest clearance of any production truck. So it has a 16-inch clearance and you can adjust this. That’s adaptive damping an adaptive height. These were actually extremely important for a truck.

Tesla Cyber Truck Interior:

Tesla Cyber Truck
Cyber Truck Interior (Image Source: Tesla Official Website)

Ample space is available to fit 6 people comfortably. The middle seat in the first row is foldable to give a clear view of front for rear-seat passengers. The dashboard is neat and clean. Interior is very similar to the model 3. So it’s very minimal, very plain. It has a similar touch screen to the Tesla Model 3 except this touch screen is actually 2 inches bigger. So 17-inch touch screen and the rearview mirror actually a rearview display. View out of the windshield looks incredible. The whole panoramic glass roof is very spacious.

Tesla electric pickup tuck
Cyber Truck 14,000 pound Towing Capacity (Image Source: Tesla Official Website)

This truck isn’t coming out until another 2 years so by that time who knows maybe it’s going to grow its space among the people. Maybe it’s going to be accepted. Maybe it’s going to be just more in the future I don’t know but it’s very futuristic. It has 6.5 feet long flat cargo bed and also has the capability to pull upto 14,000 pounds. Specially for the price point, I think they nailed it.

Tesla Cyber Truck
Cyber Truck Flat Bed Cargo (Image Source: Tesla Official Website)

Competitive Market Analysis :

Currently, many startups and other car companies are trying to enter into the electric pick-up truck market but all of them are not able to create the buzz like Tesla. While one company is silently working to deliver the highly capable with superior performance electric pick-up truck.

American auto startup Rivian is backed up by Amazon and Ford Motor.

Recently they unveiled two electric pick-up trucks – R1T and R1S recently. The performance of Tesla, as well as Rivian pick-up trucks, are very much similar. But tesla pick-up truck takes the lead in two terms-

Battery Range and Price. However, looks of both the trucks are completely different but the functions and purpose of design are the same. Where Tesla starts its price from $39,900 for its base variants and goes up to $69,900 for three motor AWD variant. At the same time, Rivian pickup truck starts from $69,900. For the battery range- The Tesla delivers 250 miles to 500 miles of battery range while Rivian claimed to deliver a maximum of 400 miles. So, these factors create a difference between both.

Pickup Trucks in US
Pick-up Trucks in US market

My Words:

Despite the unconventional design philosophy and weird look, the Tesla Pickup Truck offers great value of money. Like any SUV, Cyber truck gives you freedom to cruise at the speed of 130mph. 120V and 220V power output in the truck enables to plug any regular electronic accessories. In built compressor definitely will be useful in some situations. This truck is like a fully functional generator also. Especially that 6.5 feet flat bed cargo offers great space to carry a lot of luggage during off-roading. Even though it has a very close performance figure to its rival but time will tell how people are responding to the insightful thought of Elon Musk.

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