Mazda MX30 – Mazda goes electric with suicide doors

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Mazda MX30 Electric is the first electric car from the Japanese Car brand

Mazda MX30 Electric , During 46th Tokyo Motor Show in October-2019, President and CEO of Mazda Motor Corporation – San Akira Marumoto unveilded this car. This is the first BEV from the Japanese Brand. It still seems different because Mazda was one of the brands that resisted the production of fully electric vehicles and never favour them. Mazda philosophy is completely opposite to the Tesla. Tesla has always made hipe for the big size battery and long battery range in the cars. Whereas Mazda believes that big battery means more pollution. That’s why Mazda used to use the rotary engines or Wrinkle engines in line with the electric motor.

Designed around the user

Mazda engineers have designed the new MX30 electric to make it lightweight to ensure better performance. Interior and craftsmanship are good enough to feel you personally connected in a specious cabin while using the car. The material used like Heritage Cork and door trim made of recycled plastic bottles’ fibre keeps you connected with the environment and gives you a sense of feeling toward conservation of mother nature.

Mazda M-30 Specifications
Mazda MX30 Electric Specifications (Source: Mazda official website)

Mazda breaking EV orthodoxy :
In place of putting large and heavy battery,
Mazda is going to incorporate a small size range extender gasoline-fed rotary engine in the Mazda MX30 Electric.

Mazda MX30 electric ‘Suicide doors’

Mazda M30 Electric
Suicide door ( Freestyle door) both sides [Image Source: Mazda Official Website]

Mazda had designed this vehicle especially to utilize it with multiple ways so that you enjoy the driving every time and when your car is near you then you always feel profound with its unique looks and wide open suicide doors.

Safety Feature Mazda MX30 Electric

Safety is one of the utmost considerable points while the design and development of any Mazda car. So, all have taken care of the new Mazda MX30 electric car. Car is equipped with the Mazda enhanced advanced safety technology- i-Activsense. Injury and damage-mitigating brake technology, Smart Brake Support system, take care in the situation of collision at intersections. Even though the new Mazda electric car has centre pillar-less freestyle door system but excellent collision safety performance is taken the car by using rigid body and structures that efficient to absorb crash energy.

Mazda MX30 Electric practicality

Let’s analyse how practical this car is. Taking about the driving comfort, safety, appearance and design it’s all usual and at some point, it outstands also. But when talking about the driving range- cross country or long drive then- There is a catch. Now the model which is unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show is fully electric having 35.5 kW battery pack. This would be enough to take you up to 200 km easily which is good enough for the city driving. But for those who feel that they deserve more like Tesla kind of thing then Mazda is doing something for you. Yes, Mazda’s production EV, due late in 2020, will offer —
A range extender. And not just any range extender, but a rotary-powered generator.

Mazda MX30 Electric powertrain (Image Source: Mazda Official Website)

As per the US Defence Department, a rotary engine is so efficient that a 3kW rotary engine can fit easily into any backpack. Mazda also agrees with the experiments done by the US Defence department because Mazda has always been in favour to use the rotary engine in their cars. Now, size matter- When there is a challenge to fit a range extender engine, a 355 Volt and 35.5 kW battery, Inverter and motor into a small cross-over then size matter. Small rotary engine/generator plays a big role there and solves the problem who has range anxiety.


This new electric car based on Mazda M-30 small crossover will go on sale probably in Japan, Canada and Norway in the second half of 2020. Now the time will witness the philosophy of Mazda to use a relatively small electric motor supported by 35.5 kWh battery with a power output of 105 kW and 264 Nm torque. Although US EPA has declared Mazda the most efficient car from last 5 to 6 year, Mazda is not selling any hybrid or electric car in the US. And still there is no such plan in the near future.

My Words

Where every one has grounded in the battle-field to prove their EV supermacy. At the same time Mazda is intentionally kept thereself far away from that battle-ground. Not in race of high range and big batteries because Mazda believes that 200 km to 250 km range is more than sufficient to fullfill nearly all the requirements for the people which buy the car for regular driving purpose. This thing make Mazda different from others car brands and defenitly it will help to bring the EV cost comparatively low.

Watch the first launch video of the Mazda MX30 Electric Car: