$125 Fine for parking your ICE Vehicle at EVs spot

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New rule of $125 fine is enough to remind you the right parking place of your car

Representative Image: Dedicated park and charge facility for electric vehicles

As world is technically growing, new rule and regulations are needed to enforce. Many of us don’t want to be on this planet without annoying others. To ruled over such people and to provide the justice government comes with new rules and fine.

In Ontario (a province in east-central Canada), according to the government’s new rule person will have to pay the fine of $125 if they park their ICE vehicle (Fossil fuel powered vehicle) at EVs spot. This rule has came under the ‘Highway Traffic Act” and The Highway Traffic Act is amended by adding the following Part which you must know:

Bill 123, Reserved Parking for Electric Vehicle Charging Act, 2019

EV charging and parking
EV Charging and Parking Spot

30.2  No person shall park a vehicle in an electric vehicle charging station that is identified by a sign that satisfies the prescribed requirements unless the vehicle is an electric vehicle and the vehicle is attached to the station’s charging equipment.

30.3  A person who contravenes section 30.2 is guilty of an offence and on conviction is liable to a fine of $125.

History of the Bill 123

This bill was first brought to discussion by a Green Party Member in Ontario. As per this bill statement the fine of $125 will also be applicable to those EVs owner who parks the car but not charging at that time. This bill was brought on 4 June 2019 for First reading.

Reserved Parking for Electric Vehicle Charging Act, 2019
Bill 123 passed in Third Reading and received by Royal Assent

BILL 123 is a private category bill. There are two types of bill which are introduced in either the Senate or the House of Commons which at last stage converted into law. These are categorized as public bills and private bills. Private Bills are those which are limited in scope: they concern an individual or group of individuals only. They confer a right on some person or group, or relieve them of a responsibility.

Electric vehicles are growing in every country now. Government and private sectors are putting money to build the infrastructures which is supporting the new green mobility in city. Electric vehicles are now subsidies and also given many other convenience like- free parking, zero toll-tax, subsidies charging stations and even allowed to go into restricted lane on the road (to avoid the traffic). But one other problem is growing in the society. If you don’t aware of this problem then you must read further-

Tesla owners block the gas-station in Croatia to say no to ‘ICEing’

A word is very known by many of us – “ICEing“. Basically ‘ICEing’ denotes the situation when a petrol/diesel powered vehicle intentionally parked at the electric vehicle charging spot with the soul purpose to block the charging station and to annoy the electric vehicle owner.

But In Croatia on 10th December decided to make those people learn the message who does ICEing. A group of Tesla car owners blocked a gas-station by parking dozens of Tesla Cars at the same time. It was a kind of protest to pass a message that now it’s over and passed the message that “ICEing will not be tolerated and EVs are also here“.

ICEing is a major problem at those places where the number of EVs are increasing and its very annoying for the EVs driver. If you are a EVs owner then you can feel this situation.

My Word & Solution of the ICEing

In my opinion the new law which is going to come very soon in Ontario is enough to address the ICEing. In future, countries like Croatia and other European countries will be considering to bring such law in their place also. Apart from the law and fine we all need to understand that in coming years the EVs are going to be major part of our road transport. Hope government will look into this issue in advance and will do the planning accordingly. We people have also our responsibility towards the clean and green society.