Ultraviolette F77 Fighter Jet inspired electric bike launched

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Ultraviolette F77 electric bike first look and complete details

Ultraviolette F77
Ultraviolette Automotive R&D Center, Banglore (Image Source: Ultraviolette Facebook page)

Company Background:

Ultraviolette is a Bangalore based startup company founded by Niraj Rajmohan and Narayan Subramaniam, had started operations in December 2015. The startup had earlier also grabbed attention by developing a hybrid cycle and won the ‘excellent design award’ at the International Bike Festival 2016 in Taipei, Taiwan. Now its become very improtant to talk little more about the founder of the compnay becasue what I saw is the experiences they carry with them from their educational background are now shaping the Ultraviolette F77 high performance ebike.

Ultraviolette f77
The Journey of Ultraviolette F77 (Image source: Ultraviolette Facebook page)

Niraj Rajmohan:

Founder and CTO at Ultraviolette Automotive Pvt. Ltd., Niraj Rajmohan did the Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor’s degree) from BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore. After completing Master of Business Administration (M.B.A) from Asian Institute of Management he worked with companies like Yahoo, NetApp. For approx 03 years (2010-2013) he worked as Technical Consultant (Developer) independently. Later in 2014 he along with two other IITans developed a mobile application “HereNow” which was very much popular back then for as a communication medium with the nearby people. During his carrier Niraj Rajmohan also worked on various engineering projects like Airboat hydroplane, Four Wheel Drive Car scale model powered by 3cc engine which was radio controlled and Amphibian Vehicle- powered by a single air propulsion system for land and water.

Narayan Subramaniam:

After completion of Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from BMS College of Engineering, Banglore in 2004-2008, Narayan got enrolled himself in National Institute of Design (NID) for the Master’s degree in Automobile Design during 2009-2011. After that, he completed a dual Master’s degree in 2012-2014. Umeå Institute of Design (Sweden), he pursued a Master’s degree in Transportation and Automobile Design. After completion of the study, he also worked for some of the renowned company in India, Japan and Germany for the design concept and development under live and futuristic projects. Currently he is the co-founder, CEO at Ultraviolette Automotive Pvt. Ltd. and also heading the design team.

Ultraviolette F77 Launched in India

Ultraviolette F77
Ultraviolette F77 launched in India (Image source: Ultraviolette Facebook page)

Ultraviolette Automotive launched 03 different variants of the F77SHADOW , LIGHTNING & LASER on 13th November-2019 in India.

Speciality of F77 is that the motorcycle completely designed and developed in India. Because company started with a clear vision to build unique performance sport or racing motorcycle and not to make a regular scooter or commuter bikes which all other manufacturers are focusing on. Now it came UP with this unique production version of F77. Somewhere they made an electric bike which is parallelly equivalent to any other 200cc or 350cc internal combustion bike. Rear tail lamp and brake disc with four-piston callipers are very much similar to the KTM 390. Tires what you get with the Ultraviolette F77 is also similar to KTM 390.

Performance Figure:

Ultraviolette F77
Ultraviolette F77 battery technology

Ultraviolette F77 is designed uniquely to perfom like high performance motor bike. Every movment of bike can be monitored. It comes with three drive mode- Eco, Sport and Insane
Motor: it produces 33.5hp @ 2250 rpm
Battery: 4.2 kWh three modular Lithium-ion battery packs
Torque: 90/450 Nm
Acceleration: 0-60 in 2.92 seconds & 0-100 in 7.03 seconds
Top Speed: 147 kmph
Range: 130 – 150 km
Charging: 3kW Fast charger takes 50 minutes for 0 to 80% and 1.5 hr for the 100% of charge. It also has built-in 1kW AC Slow charger that takes about 03 hours to charge 0 to 80% and 05 hours for full charge.

Features & Specifications

F77 futuristic design offeres all-LED lights, a TFT screen, bluetooth connectivity, OTA updates feature, three ride mode (Eco- Sport- Insane) and bike is fully connected with the mobile application. Intresting thing is that the battery compartment can be opened and closed automatically by mobile application or by just pressing a switch on handle bar.
Similarly the features like switchable Dual channel ABS, gas charged mono-shock, 4-piston ByBre radial caliper and 230mm rear disc makes it perfect for high performance riding.
Tyres: Front – 110/70R17 and Rear – 150/60R17
Suspension: Front – USD Fork and Rear – Monoshock
Brakes: Front – 320mm disc and Rear – 230mm disc

Design, Developemnt and Patents

Ultraviolette F77 bike is designed on the philosophy of – Vehicle must adopt you, You should not adopt to the vehicle because it’s for tomorrow. With the 07 international patents on the battery technology alone F77 is very much capable to fulfill its objective. Some key features of design are mentioned below-

09 Degree of freedom

Ultraviolette F77 has 3 axis accelerometer, 3 axis gyroscope and 3 axis magnetometer. That means we have a full view into roll, pitch, yaw and lean angle. Speed, lean angle and entire power delivery get recorded during the riding and later you also can see those complete data on Ultraviolette mobile application. This is really a very interesting feature going to be in F77.

Passive air cooling technology

Ultraviolette F77
Ultraviolette F77- Passive Cooling Technology

Motor, Battery and Motor controller fitted into F77 is cooled by the only airflow not by any liquid or water. To achieve this every part and assembly designed and optimised to provide smooth airflow towards the major components. Because of this technology bikes becomes less compless and also saves money.

Battery Pack

Ultraviolette F77
Ultraviolette F77 Battery pack location in bike (Image source: Ultraviolette Facebook page)

Ultraviolette F77 has three li-ion battery modulars/packs. Each battery pack has 8.5kg of weight and LTE chip inbuilt which enables wireless communication with it. Similarly the wired communication option is also available. Bi-directional insertion and locking designed made for the Mi-grade connector. Connectors are IP67 rated. Rugged build quality: Shock, Vibration and Impacts are the part of Indian driving conditions. Charging Pod will be helpful to charge the battery at your place. The battery is designed to last over 100,000 km.

Preventive Maintenance and diagnostics:

Same like our mobile- we go to Battery setting- and we get whole data about which application is consuming how much of battery power. Here also everything is monitored through the mobile application. It will tell you how much power is drawn from the battery and which electric components have consumed how much of battery power. As a result this thing will helps to maintain a good battery life.

Booking and Delivery of F77

Ultraviolette F77 is launched officially but no exact price of the bike get disclosed. Instead, the company has said that the F77 will be priced in the range of Rs 3 lakh to Rs 3.25 lakh on-road. The motorcycle will initially be available in Bangalore and then the network will be expanded to deliver the F77 in rest of the places. Ultraviolette F77 deliveries will begin in October 2020. You can pre-book the motorcycle by logging into Ultraviolette’s website.

My Words:

Ultraviolette Automotive is working on a unique product and backed by investor like TVS Motors. TVS motors purchased 6,750 equity shares of Ultraviolette at the cost of around Rs 5 crore in December 2017. During second phase of investment in August 2018, TVS Motors invested Rs. 6 crores again. TVS Motor’s acquired 25.76% stake in total after this investment, including earlier investment made in December 2017 for a 14.78% stake. This huge investemnt backed the Ultraviolette to work on the high-end electric powertrain, battery and connected technology. We are now completly one year away to test that insane technology but as of now it has created lot of buzz in the electric two-wheeler Indian market. Ultraviolette Automotive will face competition from other electric sport or performance bike manufacturers like – Emflux Motor, Revolt and Tork Motor.

Watch the walk around video of Ultraviolette F77 during the launch event. (Video Source: MotorOctane Official Youtube Channel