LEXUS UX 300e, First electric car from the luxury car brand unveiled

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Lexus unveiled the electrified version of UX at Guangzhou Motor Show (China)

Lexus UX 300e (The first electric car from Lexus)

UX 300e is the first electrified product from the Lexus or the subsidiary of Japan-based Toyota brand. it is known for its luxury sedan lineups in different countries. Similarly its design philosophy and unmatchable performance make the brand stand alone in many hearts. So, the Lexus had announced the Lexus Electrified and its vision for the future in 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. Recently it is unveiled in Guangzhou International Motor Show, China. UX 300e will go on sale in China and Europe in 2020, and in Japan in early 2021.

Guangzhou International Motor Show or Auto Gurngzhou is the International Automobile Exhibition held by Guangzhou Zhanlian Exhibitation Service Co. Ltd in China.
Above all this International Exhibition held every year in the November or December in the Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, China.”

Lexus Brand has always pursued both- the excellent driving performance and environmental performance. We also know the Lexus for its pioneer hybrid technology. But now the company has moved forward to take part in the new electric world. Company has launched Lexus UX 300e , which is fully electric commercially producible car from the Lexus.

The electric powrtrain of Lexus UX 300e (Image credit: Lexus press release)

It is front wheel drive car and a relatively small electric motors propells it. So, motor produces 150 kW and 300 Nm torque. Lexus has taken care of the acceleration performance and battery driving experience during the design and development of its first electrified car. Along with that it has big battery which gives the range of 400 km.

Powertrain & Performacne details:

Maximum power output from motor : 150 kW (204 ps)
Maximum torque : 300 Nm (30.6 Kgf .m)
Motor placement : Front

Battery capacity : 54.3 kWh
Battery range : 400 kms (non-EPA measurement)
Charging power: 6.6 kW maximum (AC) and 50 kW maximum (DC)

Accelerate 0-100km/h : 7.5 seconds
Top speed : 160 km/h
Emission : Produces CO2 emissions of 0g/km as you drive.

Key Features

Basically, Lexus UX 300e is the based on its UX model which is well-accepted cross-over in the US market. This electrified version has some exterior changes to make its design more aerodynamic. Whereas in the interior, it has ‘shift by wire‘ shifter design.

  • Paddle operation for instant acceleration and 4 stage deceleration function by the paddle shift.
  • Well optimised weight distribution and low centre of gravity by putting motor and battery in the lowest part of the car.
  • Highly insulated inside space by placing a sound proof layer in the floor.
  • special wheel design and underfloor aerodynamic cover to ensure excellent aerodynamic performance.

Production and Delivery

As per press release note of the Lexus- “The UX300e will be released in 2020, starting with China and Europe, and will be released in Japan in the first half of 2021”. However Lexus has currently no plan to launch this vehicle into US market.

Lexus UX 300e Official Introduction Video
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